Why an Online Accounting Degree?

Online Accounting DegreeDistance learning is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to earn a college degree such as an online accounting degree. When students choose to attend college online, they can earn an online accounting degree at virtually any level, although the most popular is that of the Associate’s degree. Those who study for the two year Associate’s degree online are typically wanting to jump start their entry level career as a bookkeeper or an accounting clerk. Within the Associates program, the student will learn basic accounting techniques as well as bookkeeping strategies on top of any required math classes and other general education requirements set forth by the state of residency and the online college. Since most states require a four year Bachelor’s degree to be qualified to sit for the CPA examination, most students use the two year degree as a starting point for their career while they go on to transfer the credits to pursue their four year Bachelor’s degree. Any student who has a knack for numbers and a talent for math can benefit from an entry level two year online accounting degree from any of the accredited online universities.

How to Find the Top Online Accounting Degree Programs

When it comes to finding the right online accounting degree programs, it is important to note that every online university will have their pros and cons but what counts is that they meet the individual needs of the student, not necessarily their ranking. The main thing to consider is to make sure that the college itself is accredited, meaning that they are recognized with quality programs that are widely accepted by employers.

Online Accounting Degree Rankings

There are many colleges to choose from to find the best online accounting degree programs, including Devry University and Colorado Technical University. Both of these accredited colleges offer courses that lead to the two year accounting degree that can either stand alone or be transferred to pursue a four year degree program. Devry offers courses including financial accounting, accounting theory, intro to individual taxation and introduction to cost accounting, just to name a few. Like Devry, Colorado Technical University offers both online and classroom courses that result in an Associates degree in accounting. While classroom learning offers traditional students whose only commitment is to their education what they need, online learning allows students with any kind of circumstances to complete an online degree program on their own time, giving the student with even the busiest schedule the opportunity to earn the education that everyone deserves.

Careers and Salaries For Individuals With An Online Accounting Degree

While it is nearly impossible to sit for the CPA examination without a four year Bachelor’s degree, there are many career opportunities for those who have an online Associate’s degree in accounting. The main online accounting careers revolve around bookkeeping, which is a step below an accountant. The online accounting salary for most bookkeepers tends to be in the $25,000 to $35,000 range, although there is plenty of room for advancement either through work experience or additional education. The typical bookkeeper works for small businesses although some larger corporations also hire bookkeepers who report directly to a certified accountant. Other large corporations hire accountant clerks who have the same basic duties as the bookkeeper but with more accounting responsibilities. The salary range is the same for both positions. For those who earn their online accounting degree, there is always the possibility for advancement through the higher learning associated with the four year online Bachelor’s degree.