Fortune-500-InternshipsAccounting internships are an important mechanism for gaining on-the-job experience while still in school, and interning at a Fortune 500 company can look great on a resume.

Below you will find a list of 50 Fortune 500 Companies that offer accounting and finance internships. The starting point for this selection was the Forbes Fortune 500 Companies list. The list was then filtered based on what companies offer internships related to finance, accounting, tax, or a related area. Preference was given to companies with a higher Fortune 500 ranking, as well as to companies that have stronger finance programs. For example, most banks, financial institutions, and credit card companies with internships programs made the list because their businesses tend to be tailored more suitably for finance majors. Some companies also made the list if they had strong Leadership Development or Rotational Programs, which are great for recent graduates who are hoping to get a jumpstart on their career. The companies below are listed in the order of their Fortune 500 ranking for easy reading.


Finance Development Program


Students who are accepted into the finance development program at Chevron will spend their summer working in the finance department at one of the leading corporations in the energy industry. They will work in either the corporate comptroller's or operations department, or with one of Chevron's accounting divisions. Interns can build experience as they network with industry professionals, interact with senior executives, attend exclusive luncheons, and participate in presentations. Candidates should be working toward a degree in business, accounting, or finance and have at least a 3.5 GPA.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 3

Phillips 66

Corporate Services Program

Interns at Philips 66 are thrust into a hands-on environment where they get to take on real work and take on immediate responsibility. In the Corporate Services leg of the internship program, students can work in Procurement, Human Resources, Information Technology, or Finance. Those who are accepted into the finance department work with other employees to maximize shareholder value and monitor the company's financial progress.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 4

General Electric

Financial Management Program

General Electric's intense, fast-paced program for recent graduates puts entry-level employees through four rotational assignments in financial planning, accounting, commercial finance, operational analysis, forecasting, or auditing, among others. Interns get to experience a portion of the full program over ten to twelve weeks as they complete coursework, attend seminars, and take on real assignments. Interns who are hired into the full program are given a salary with opportunities for performance-based increases.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 7


Financial Leadership Internship


This ten to twelve week paid internship is for first-year MBA students who have an interest in accounting, finance, business administration, and/or economics. Students are put into positions in California, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, and Texas. By working at AT&T, interns gain experience in areas like capital planning, investor relations, financial analysis, treasury, and others. The company's prestigious program has been continuously recognized as one of the top internships in the country.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 11

Fannie Mae

University Relations Program

Fannie Mae offers students an opportunity to learn about mortgage lending and strengthen processes at one of the country's most important financial organizations. A successful internship affords the opportunity to interview for permanent positions. Bachelors and Masters students of accounting, finance, or other business- or math-related fields may be selected for an Audit Internship, evaluating processes and controls and identifying risks within various business units. Finance Internships for accounting majors pursuing a CPA track will focus on analysis, process redesign, project management, and reporting.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 12

Verizon Wireless

Finance Operations Internship


This paid summer internship is for high-achieving students who are studying finance, accounting, or a related area. Interns partner with staff members of the Finance Operations Center of Excellence and take an integral role in daily operations, including billing, revenue assurance, fraud protection, credit analysis, commission processing, and others. Applicants should have a 3.0 GPA or higher, be knowledgeable about computer applications, demonstrate enthusiasm, and be willing to work in either Florida or Oklahoma.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 16

UnitedHealth Group

Financial Analyst Internship


Financial analyst interns with the UnitedHealth Group play a key role in analyzing and reporting on financials; assisting in the development of budgets, plans, and forecasts; and conducting research to help with future financial planning. UnitedHealth prefers to hire juniors with a 3.0+ grade point average and who are on track to graduate with a degree in economics, accounting, or finance. This internship is ideal for students who hope to combine their financial skills with an interest in the healthcare system.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 17

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

Summer Undergraduate Opportunities


J.P. Morgan is committed to fostering an interest in investments and finance early on, and so hires freshmen and sophomore students in addition to new graduates. To qualify for the nine week summer program, applicants must have at least a 3.5 grade point average. Students can chose from internships in a number of departments, including investment banking, sales and trading, finance, treasury services, and research, to name a few.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 18

Bank of America

Finance Management Associate Internship


Bank of America's finance internship program is characterized by experiential learning and training as well as copious networking opportunities. Students enhance their technical skills while gaining a better understanding of the banking industry. Interns work closely with the Chief Financial Officer Group and spend time in corporate accounting, corporate treasury, and corporate finance. Students frequently interact with others in the FMA Program and hone their skills in analysis, reporting, forecasting, taxation, and other areas.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 21

Wells Fargo

Commercial and Corporate Lending Program


Students in the Summer Financial Analyst Program will learn all about lending operations at one of the country's largest banks that sits on several "most admired" lists around the globe. Successful applicants may be placed into one of several commercial and institutional related lending divisions based on desire and business need. Interns assist with credit risk analysis, deal structure, financial reviews, and more. The ten-week internship includes an orientation program in San Francisco, activities and speakers, and buddy and mentor programs.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 25


University Program

Citigroup offers internships programs for both financial analysts and associates. Students who are in the final year of their undergraduate or MBA education can apply to work either full-time or over the summer and work with a mentor as well as senior management officials to learn more about the world of financial analysis and practice client interactions. Associate programs are for students who are in the last year of an MBA, JD, or PhD program and are looking to launch their career at Citigroup through intensive training.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 26

Freddie Mac

Corporate Finance Internship Program

Freddie Mac's summer internship program is for junior and senior undergraduates who are majoring in accounting, business administration, computer science, economics, finance, or other select areas. Interns who work with the corporate finance division help lead the accounting department in making decisions that will bring the company continued financial success. The internship includes a corporate orientation, a leadership speaker series, intern case competition, networking activities, and a community service event.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 31


Finance Rotation Analyst Internship


Students who are interested in a future with Microsoft should seriously consider the company's Finance Rotation Analyst Internship, which has a long track record of producing some of Microsoft's top finance executives. Students work on problems involving financial analysis and planning, capital markets, venture integration, auditing, sales and marketing, and accounting. Interns work closely with the departments that oversee multiple parts of the Microsoft portfolio, including Office, Windows, Xbox, and Phone.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 35


Finance Development Program


Interns at Walgreens build their financial skills by working with lead executives at a multibillion dollar health organization. Participants learn about ethical standards in business as they rotate through a number of corporate departments, including taxation, internal audit, mergers and acquisitions, financial planning and metrics, investor relations, and a few others. Total, interns move through four departments over a 24 month period of time. The goal is at the end of this time, participants will have developed competencies in a number of areas, be better leaders, and have built business relationships.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 37

Johnson and Johnson

Finance Leadership Development Program


Johnson and Johnson does its part to develop the future financial leaders of the world by inviting students to apply to its two-year leadership development program. Interns rotate through several corporate areas, including sales and marketing, financial accounting, research and development, internal auditing, and operations. They learn to apply their financial acumen to areas like pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostics.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 41


Accounting/Finance Co-Op Program


The Finance Summer Internship Program at ConocoPhillips invites students to take on challenging assignments as they join in on field trips, social activities, weekly seminars, and networking events. Supervisors and mentors work closely with interns to coach and guide them through the process as well as any issues that may arise. Students may work in one of over ten different finance-related departments, including performance and analysis, policy, and risk management.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 45


Finance Internship Program


WellPoint's interns are given the unique opportunity to gain experience in the world of business while having a real impact on the healthcare industry. Interns can specialize in areas like finance, actuarial, auditing, fraud, sales, internal consulting, or information technology. WellPoint's internships are flexible enough that students can choose between working full-time over the summer or part-time over the school year. Opportunities are available to both undergraduate and graduate students all across the country.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 47

Coca Cola

CPS Finance Internship


Opportunities to intern with one of the world's most recognized companies are available to undergraduates, graduates, and other young people with the right combination of work experience and enthusiasm. Finance interns work closely with department heads and key stakeholders to tackle issues relating to OpEx and CapEx spend categories. Applicants should have strong computer skills and be able to work in the office five days a week.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 57


Finance Leadership Program

The Finance Leadership Program at Safeway is perfect for recent graduates who want to advance within the grocery industry. Students work as junior analysts over the course of a twelve month training program as they collaborate with others within the financial analysis and planning department. Students should have a bachelor's degree in finance, marketing, statistics, economic, or a related field, be computer proficient, and have strong analytical and quantitative abilities.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 62

Honeywell International

Honeywell on Campus

Undergraduate internships at Honeywell are perfect for students who are looking to fill their summer with valuable work experience, networking opportunities, and informal social events. Interns are paired with a variety of departments, including finance, business management, marketing, and operations. There are also internships available for MBA/graduate students as well as co-op opportunities for interested individuals.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 78

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Finance Summer Internship


Liberty Mutual is known for its integrity and focus on building employees' careers, which makes it perfect for an internship. Interns' job responsibilities include developing projects across multiple business units, assisting with financial documentation, reviewing procedures and identifying areas for improvement, and troubleshooting related to financial production. Students should be working toward a degree in accounting or finance and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 81

American Express

U.S. Student Opportunities


American Express offers ample opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate interns. Students get hands-on experience working on projects related to finance, strategy, and operations and receive guidance from the company's senior leaders. Supervisors issue regular feedback to help interns improve their performance along the way, and interns get to supplement their challenging assignments with fun networking and social activities. Students are placed in offices in New York, Phoenix, and Ft. Lauderdale and can work in a number of career areas, including finance, marketing, and pricing.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 90

Morgan Stanley

Finance Summer Analyst Program


Business and accounting majors often gravitate to careers at Morgan Stanley, where they can get experience working in the larger world of finance. Students' quantitative and communication skills are put to the test on challenging assignments that require interns to show initiative and collaborate with teams. Interns get face time with senior managers as they grapple with issues in analysis, data collection, and reporting. The summer internships are the perfect opportunity for finance and economics majors to determine if finance is the right career for them.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 96


Intern and Associate Program


Summer internships at Nationwide are ten to twelve weeks long (from May to August) and require interns to work 40 hours a week. Interns gain access to high-profile assignments and are regarded as full-time associates, unlike some companies, where interns are considered coffee-schlepping bottom feeders. Interns go through a customized orientation and benefit from learning sessions, community service opportunities, networking events, and team-building exercises. Associates can work in finance, actuary, internal audits, marketing, or other business areas.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 100


GOSelect Associate Accountant Internship


Interns at Halliburton help contribute to the success of the company and are encouraged to bring their ideas and carve out a niche for themselves based on their unique expertise. Some students are even given the chance to work on global projects! The programs last for ten to fourteen weeks over the summer and exist in a variety of departments, including accounting. Halliburton also offers co-op programs that allow current students to receive college credit while working full-time.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 106

Publix Supermarkets

Corporate Accounting Internship


Interns at Publix work with this Fortune 500 company for ten to twelve weeks over the summer at their facilities in Lakeland, Florida. Interns are paid, work 40 hours a week, and are even given housing (courtesy of Florida Southern College) if they need it. Summer interns receive regular performance evaluations, eat lunch with senior executives, do service in the local community, and relax during after-work socials. The program culminates in a presentation where students can show off the skills they learned in front of Publix senior leaders.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 108

Northwestern Mutual

Financial Representative Internship


Northwestern Mutual is one of the top companies in the financial services industries, is considered one of the best places to work, and has been frequently ranked as having one of the top internship programs. Financial representative interns are coached by industry veterans and are given a window into their potential future. Students can work full- or part-time at one of many offices around the country, and many turn this initial experience into an opportunity for long-term work.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 114


Financial Analyst Internship


To many, the Nike brand is synonymous with success. Students flock from all over to take part in the company's internship program, which is available to students all over the world. Interns in the finance department provide insights to functional leaders in sales, finance, and marketing; run analysis on operating expenses; and collaborate with human resources officials on wage planning, risks, and opportunities. Applicants should be in their third or fourth year of studying finance, be computer proficient, and have strong communication skills.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 126

Capital One Financial

Finance Internship Program


Capital One offers internships to talented, bright university students who will thrive in a collaborative environment. Interns work in a fast-paced setting and play a role in making important business decisions in areas such as analysis, auditing, branding, finance, information technology, and project management. Qualifying applicants are invited to hear senior executives speak, participate in team-building and networking events, and present a final presentation to show off their newfound knowledge.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 127


Accounting Co-Ops/Internships


A Kimberly-Clark internship is perfect for students who want to use their financial knowledge to work in an environment where they can reinvent brands and be creative. Accounting interns' job responsibilities include evaluating financial and operational controls, preparing highly valued information for top officials, pinpointing areas for improvement, and working to increase company efficiency. Students also work with the company tax team compile and analyze documents and prepare financial statements.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 136

Union Pacific

Finance and Accounting Co-Ops/Internships


Working at Union Pacific is an exciting opportunity for anyone who could see him or herself mapping out a future in the transportation industry. The company offers both internships and co-ops in a variety of areas, such as corporate audit, finance and accounting, marketing and sales, and information technology. As interns, students get the chance to hear numerous industry leaders speak, volunteer in the community, and network. Internships are available year-round on a full-time and part-times basis. Union Pacific even pays for housing and transportation so students can save more of their money for college expenses.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 138

United States Steel Corporation

Student Employment Program


United States Steel offers numerous internship opportunities, and they're not all just for engineers! Many students work for their corporate office within any number of business divisions, including accounting, finance, marketing, and tax. Students can choose between a full-time summer internship and a part-time, year-long co-op experience. Not only are all qualifying candidates offered competitive pay, but many are invited to apply for permanent employment after completing the program.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 147


Financial Analyst Internship


Financial analyst interns at Whirlpool get to be a part of a dynamic work environment and attach a company to their resumes that has a presence in over 30 countries. Interns' job responsibilities include preparing monthly and quarterly reports, conducting analyses and forecasts, and supporting and implementing company procedures. Applicants should be computer proficient, work well in teams, and have an intellectual curiosity. Although there are internships available all over the world, students usually must speak English fluently no matter where they are placed.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 154

Altria Group

"Can't Beat the Experience" Summer Internship Program


The Altria Family of Companies internships offers paid opportunities for college students who are majoring in multiple areas, including accounting, finance, engineering, business, marketing, management, and information technology. Students work 40 hours a week over the summer, although schedules are flexible. Applicants should be rising seniors or in the last year of a graduate program and have a 3.0 GPA or higher.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 159


Accounting Rotational Program


The Accounting Rotational Program at Progressive comes in two parts: the internship and the rotations. During the internship students work with the accounting business unit and are guided through tough projects by a mentor and supervisor. Students should be in their last year of study and be able to work at the corporate headquarters in Ohio. Interns who complete the first step can apply to the ARP, where they will work with senior team members as they execute assignments related to four professional accounting areas.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 166

PNC Financial Services

Summer Internship Program


Interns at PNC can join hundreds of other students who participate in summer-long programs where they learn the ins and outs of a career in finance. Students can choose to work in one of ten functional areas and supplement their time with networking events and a two day summit at headquarters. Interns are assigned a peer mentor and get to soak up the knowledge of top company leaders through the Summer Speaker Series.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 170


Summer Associate Program


Medtronic's Summer Associate Program is for current MBA students who are looking to make meaningful contributions by working with a medical technology company. Students gain exposure to the company's core business practices, culture, and technologies by working on challenging assignments over a ten to twelve week period. Interns also have networking and volunteer opportunities and are automatically considered for the company's highly regarded Leadership Development Rotation Program. Opportunities are available in finance, marketing, business development, and other functional areas.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 172

BNY Mellon Corp

BNY Global Internship Program Experience


Students interning at BNY Mellon collaborate with internal and external teams as they hone their technical skills and gain real-world business experience to apply to future career opportunities. Interns attend presentations and learn more about the company, attend numerous development workshops, and participate in community outreach events. Finance interns carry out a number of accounting and planning duties, including project valuation and fixed asset accounting.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 180


Finance Student Internships


Interns at Kellogg have the benefit of working on specific project teams while also getting a breadth of experience working with the company. They work in areas such as engineering, finance, information technology, nutrition, and sales and can also harness their creativity for projects as unique as designing a new mobile app. Students get the real employee experience as they sit in on meetings, receive performance reviews, and deliver final presentations.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 192

Baxter International

Tax Internship


Finance and accounting interns at Baxter are fortunate to be involved in a department that is a driving force in the company's success. Tax interns work with the division to execute various functions, including international tax compliance, state and local tax compliance, transfer pricing, and sales. Interns join in on a range of experiences and receive helpful mentoring throughout the process.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 193

Toys "R" Us

Undergraduate Student Internships


Students who are interested in combining their love of finance with a desire to work in retail should consider an internship with Toys "R" Us, one of the most recognized juvenile products retailers in the nation. Students accepted into the corporate program spend ten weeks gaining hands-on experience in a department such as accounting, communications, marketing, or merchandising. Applicants should have at least a 3.0 GPA and be proficient with computers.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 204


Finance Internship Account Analyst


Accounting interns at Monsanto play an integral role in balancing ledgers, reporting issues, and assisting in accounts payable functions. Students work with staff at every level of the company and are assigned job responsibilities directly related to optimal company functioning. Because of the company's international presence, there are internships available throughout the world, and interns must only be advanced accounting or finance students who are fluent in English.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 206


Early-in-Career Internships


Working at Starbucks means working with one of the nation's most highly regarded companies that has one of the most recognized brands in the world. Interns are put into collaborate and innovative work teams for ten to twelve weeks over the summer and complete projects in finance, quality assurance, brand management, research and development, or one of many other areas. Interns are offered competitive salaries and are frequently invited to join the company on a permanent basis at the program's termination.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 208

ConAgra Foods

College Internship Program

Website Interns often love working at ConAgra because the company provides a supportive, innovative environment with a strong presence of younger employees. Interns are introduced to all aspects of the processed food industry and can specialize in a particular department, such as finance, brand management, information technology, or sales. Students are provided competitive pay and exciting events and opportunities that often end in full-time job offers.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 209

Parker Hannifin

Summer Accounting Internship

Website Parker hires interns who are majoring in a variety of subjects, including accounting, business, human resources, marketing, and information technology. Many interns choose to work in the accounting department where they are integrally involved in all things finance. Students are assigned to one of several company locations and are put through hands-on training as they complete meaningful projects with clear-cut goals, receive consistent feedback, and interact with industry professionals.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 211

Texas Instruments

ACCESS Finance, Accounting, and Operations Internships

In today's technologically advanced society, being able to put a company on one's resume that is a leader in cutting-edge technological development is an attractive opportunity. The program is called ACCESS because it is an acronym for "Achievement, Career, Challenge, Empowerment, Selection, and Success," which are the hallmarks of the company's internship program. Accounting interns work to analyze business cost trends, conduct research, and prepare forecasts and elements, among other responsibilities.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 218

Lincoln Financial Group

Summer Internship Program


Working at Lincoln Financial means gaining access to a diverse range of financial solutions and services. Interns are exposed to all aspects of the company's four key areas: annuities, group protection, life insurance, and retirement planning. Summer interns spend ten weeks working with the finance department as they network, complete assignments, complete development workshops, and receive valuable mentoring.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 235

SunTrust Banks

Summer Internship Program


Students who apply to intern at SunTrust can choose to develop experience in one of a number of areas, including corporate banking, investments, enterprise execution, and audit services. Opportunities are available to both high-achieving undergraduates and MBA students. Interns take on responsibilities as diverse as conducting financial and market analysis, supporting asset management, and identifying risks and opportunities.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 239


Finance, Accounting, Tax and Treasury Program


Internships at Praxair offer students the opportunity to work in a global business setting and see how their efforts produce measurable results. Praxair offers internships in a number of areas, including engineering, human resources, and information technology. The finance, accounting, tax, and treasury internship gives participants the chance to experience Praxair's financial functions firsthand and to gain knowledge in areas like tax filings, internal audit, financial planning, and forecast analysis.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 241

Ameriprise Financial

Summer Internships


Internships at Ameriprise Financial are perfect for both undergrad students and recent graduates. Students can choose the area in which they want to work, such as corporate finance, investment accounting, or corporate actuary. The internships last between 10 and 12 weeks, during which interns work on a variety of projects, participate in the educational Speaker Series, and learn important career lessons from the Executive Leadership Team. Students also attend social events and volunteer opportunities that help them network and build connections for the future.

Company's Fortune 500 Ranking: 263

Sources: Forbes Fortune 500 Full List

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