Strayer University Online Accounting Degree Program

An online accounting degree prepares students to work in a variety of environments that include the private, public and government sectors of business finance. Students who do well generally have a strong interest in mathematics with above average skills in financial management. Through the course of an accounting degree program, students will not only develop their skills in mathematics, but they will also participate in liberal arts courses that will strengthen their writing and communication abilities. They will also learn how to implement ethical business practices, perfect their decision-making abilities and analyze data. Accounting programs also maintain a strong focus on the implementation of technology in modern business practices that will provide graduates with the competitive edge that will make them an asset to future employers.

Strayer’s Online Accounting Degree

There are many quality accounting degree programs out there, both through traditional in-classroom settings, and via distance learning. The Strayer University Online Accounting Degree Program is one example of a top notch degree program offered through the internet.

Details of the Strayer University Online Accounting Degree Program

The Strayer University online accounting degree program is designed for the working student who is seeking to advance in their career. Although they have full-time schedules available, most students take advantage of the benefits that a part-time status can provide. Their courses are also flexible enough to be taken at any time of the day that a student is able to access the course materials.

Part-time students can expect to complete this degree program within approximately six years. However, students who move at a faster pace can complete the program sooner. The Strayer University Online Accounting Degree Program has a 90% graduation rate for completion within a 6-year period.

Students participating in this program can expect to take courses in auditing, government accounting practices and advanced accounting. They will also take legal courses that are related to the laws of taxation for private and public businesses.

Strayer University maintains competitive tuition rates for both full and part-time students in their program. The tuition for part-time students is $70,100 for the entire program. Full-time students can expect a discounted rate of $66,800.

When a student completes this degree, they will be eligible to become financial managers, treasurers, auditors and accountants. There are also opportunities for students to earn an advanced degree in accounting.

The admissions requirements for the Strayer University Online Accounting Degree Program call for prospective students to submit proof that they have completed their high school diploma. They must also pay a small application fee when submitting their application. The university also offers some transfer credits for prior coursework that has been completed. For this reason, a student who has previously attended college will need to submit their transcripts to be considered for prior-learning credits. Those who have significant experience in the field of accounting may also receive work/life experience credits that can help them to complete the degree program sooner. When a student explores the opportunities that are offered by the Strayer University online accounting degree program, then they will also be eligible to apply for financial aid and scholarships that can help them to begin working toward their accounting degree.