By OAD Staff
January 2016

In this ranking, we highlight the 50 best accounting schools in the USA for 2016.

Accounting is not only a lucrative field, but it is also a growing one, meaning more and more prospective undergraduate and graduate students are scouting out the top accounting schools in the US.

Colleges and universities are aware of this trend and are continuously updating their program offerings and academic opportunities in order to remain relevant and keep student enrollment high. This can make it difficult to identify the top accounting programs, especially if you’re hoping to nail down a specific number of school choices such as the top 10 accounting schools in the US.

The ranking was created by first using information from the National Center for Education Statistics’ College Navigator database. Then, realizing that there’s no one best accounting school for any given student, we’ve identified the top 50 based on program offerings, innovative teaching methods, and extended learning opportunities such as internships and student organizations. What results is a list of the top accounting schools in the USA that deserve consideration.

Rating and Ranking Methodology

  • Graduate Degree Opportunities in Accounting
    -Presence of Master’s Degree Program – 1 point
    -Presence of Doctoral Degree Program – 1 point
  • Awards and Recognition (Related to Accounting)
    -National Level – 2 points
    -Regional Level – 1 point
  • Accounting Research Opportunities – 1 point
  • Innovative Programs and/or Teaching Methods in Accounting – 1 point
  • Study Abroad Opportunities in Accounting – 1 point
  • Accounting Internship Opportunities – 1 point
  • Accounting Scholarship Opportunities – 1 point
  • Affiliated Centers and Institutes on Campus – 1 point
  • Related Student Organizations and Societies – 1 point
  • Wow Factor – 1 point awarded for each unique feature or program that “wowed” us

Ranking of the 50 Best Accounting Schools

Our editors have identified 2016’s 50 best accounting schools in the USA according to the rating and ranking methodology above. We present them here in descending order, with the highest ranked school appearing at #1. In cases of a tie, we’ve taken the school’s cost into consideration and awarded the higher rankings to the most affordable schools.

#50 – Spalding University

Louisville, Kentucky

Spalding University has earned the distinction of being one of the top undergraduate accounting schools in the nation, offering students several different programs and track options. Students seeking their first baccalaureate degree can pursue a traditional accounting degree while students who already have a bachelor’s degree in another field can opt to enroll in Spalding’s Second Degree in Accounting program, which allows them to earn an accounting degree in as little as two years. The university also offers a Certificate in Accounting as well as a double major in accounting and business administration.

Points: 5
Enrollment: 2,311
Net Price: $18,334

#49 – Eastern Illinois University

Charleston, Illinois

One of our top undergraduate accounting schools, Eastern Illinois University offers a rigorous accounting curriculum that emphasizes accounting principles, ethics, cultural diversity, and proficiency in accounting information technology. EIU accounting students have opportunities to intern with major companies including Walmart, Walgreens, Ace Hardware, and Enterprise. They are also invited to participate in study abroad trips to Panama, the European Union, and China. Other opportunities include the Business Honors Program, scholarship eligibility, and student organizations such as the Student Accounting Society.

Points: 5
Enrollment: 8,913
Net Price: $16,326

#48 – University of West Florida

Pensacola, Florida

The University of West Florida is often recognized as one of the best schools for accounting because of the unique programs of study offered to prospective students. For undergraduates, the school’s College of Business offers a B.S.B.A. in Accounting through the Department of Accounting and Finance that emphasizes core business skills as well as specialty accounting courses such as Accounting Information Systems, Auditing, and Corporate Income Tax. For graduate schools and professionals, West Florida also offers a Master of Accountancy as well as several certificate programs.

Points: 5
Enrollment: 12,602
Net Price: $10,759

#47 – Loyola University Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

As one of the best accounting schools in the USA, Loyola University Maryland emphasizes the freedom that an accounting degree provides and consistently works to adapt to the increasing complexity of the field. Accounting is one of the most popular majors at Loyola, so accounting students have a large community to interact with and draw resources from, including active chapters of Beta Alpha Psi and Beta Gamma Sigma. Similar resources are also available post-graduation through the Accounting Alumni Circle. While at the university, students are expected to develop a deep understanding of accounting concepts, develop critical thinking and communication skills, and become ethical leaders.

Points: 6
Enrollment: 5,967
Net Price: $33,346

#46 – University of Miami

Miami, Florida

The Master of Accounting program at the University of Miami is one of only a few of the top accounting programs in the USA to receive full accreditation by AACSB International, the most prestigious accrediting body for business schools across the globe. The 30-credit hour program can be completed in just two semesters of full-time study and includes specialty course titles such as Accounting Research and Theory, High Performance Leadership, and Consumer Behavior. Although the curriculum provides a broad-based accounting education, it emphasizes topics in financial and managerial accounting as well as auditing and systems.

Points: 6
Enrollment: 16,674
Net Price: $33,284

#45 – Loyola University

, Illinois

The Accounting and Business Law department and accounting faculty at Loyola University are dedicated to providing students with a high-quality education and helping them develop the skills they need to be successful. The department’s top accounting programs are challenging, but offer students enough flexibility to take courses that best meet their needs. The university’s location in helps students connect with some of the world’s largest accounting agencies. Students also have several opportunities to enrich their education and study abroad.

Points: 6
Enrollment: 15,902
Net Price: $31,069

#44 – Lehigh University

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


Lehigh University’s top ranked accounting program is considered a “key school” by recruiters and as a result offers students several unique opportunities. These opportunities include on-site leadership programs, the Conference on Accounting Professionalism, and the Segal Speaking Series. Students can also join related student organizations, such as Beta Alpha Psi, which sponsor events and guest speakers. The curriculum is flexible while still giving students a solid foundation in accounting principles, and students leave Lehigh prepared to enter a variety of accounting positions.

Points: 6
Enrollment: 7,119
Net Price: $27,848

#43 – La Sierra University

Riverside, California


Not only is La Sierra University one of the best undergraduate accounting schools in America, it also offers a Master of Science in Accountancy degree program. Both programs, offered by the Tom & Vi Zapara School of Business, enable students to study the language of business in a supportive and engaging environment. Classes are taught by expert faculty who are highly qualified Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and active participants in industry research and publications. Its location in the fastest growing county in California enables La Sierra to connect both undergraduate and graduate students with valuable internships and networking opportunities.

Points: 6
Enrollment: 2,510
Net Price: $24,027

#42 – University of Richmond

Richmond, Virginia


Consistently recognized as one of the best undergraduate accounting schools in the US, the University of Richmond offers a robust curriculum that emphasizes accounting theory, professionalism, and critical thinking. Student scores on national accounting exams routinely rank amongst the top 10 accounting schools in the country, and graduates are often accepted into some of the best graduate accounting schools, including many on this list. Graduates of the program also go on to find successful careers in public accounting, cost accounting, internal auditing, and government accounting.

Points: 6
Enrollment: 4,182
Net Price: $24,011

#41 – Brigham Young University—Provo

Provo, Utah


Brigham Young University—Provo’s accounting school has a history of innovation. It has developed a new curriculum that influences the industry as a whole while preparing its students to be competitive in the job market. It is also the only university that has been awarded the Outstanding Innovation in Accounting Education Award by the American Accounting Association twice. As one of the top accounting schools in the US, BYU consistently works to improve students’ experiences. Curriculum is regularly updated in order to maintain relevancy, and student and faculty feedback is welcomed.

Points: 6
Enrollment: 30,484
Net Price: $6,310

#40 – Fairfield University

Fairfield, Connecticut


Fairfield University’s location gives its accounting students access to internships with Fortune 500 companies and international firms, as well as other valuable professional resources. Students are highly encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities and apply their classroom education to real-world scenarios. They also have the opportunity to interact closely with faculty and their peers. Full-time graduate students are allowed time to intern or take portions of the CPA exam while still finishing their Master of Science in accounting degree in one year, making Fairfield one of the best accounting schools for grad students.

Points: 7
Enrollment: 5,123
Net Price: $37,255

#39 – Santa Clara University

Santa Clara, California


Santa Clara University offers one of the top undergraduate accounting programs in the US, enabling students to choose from one of two different majors: the Accounting major and the Accounting Information Systems major. The school also offers a post-baccalaureate Certificate in Advanced Accounting Proficiency, giving students the opportunity to set themselves apart in an increasingly competitive industry. Santa Clara accounting students enjoy a variety of enrichment programs and opportunities including internships, summer externships, scholarships, and networking opportunities through student accounting organizations.

Points: 7
Enrollment: 9,015
Net Price: $36,645

#38 – Boston College

Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts


Boston College accounting graduates are highly sought after by employers, and many go on to occupy leadership positions in the industry. Several publications have listed the school among the best accounting colleges in the country, including Public Accounting Report and BusinessWeek. Multiple concentrations are offered within the accounting department, allowing students to take courses relevant to their chosen career path. Students also have the opportunity to listen to expert speakers from several other universities throughout the year through the department’s seminar series. Graduate students at this top accounting school enjoy a flexible, personalized curriculum that prepares them for the CPA exam.

Points: 7
Enrollment: 14,317
Net Price: $26,335

#37 – Wake Forest University

Winston Salem, North Carolina


Wake Forest University’s Master of Science in Accounting degree program is among the nation’s top accounting programs due to its graduate employment rate, CPA pass rate, graduate starting salary, and internship compensation. Students can choose from three degree tracks, including Wake Forest’s unique Financial Transaction Services track. Graduate students can also choose from a two-semester program and a three-semester program depending on whether or not they have received a job offer. Undergraduate students can pursue a Bachelor of Science degree that gives them the foundation for the graduate program.

Points: 7
Enrollment: 7,788
Net Price: $25,826

#36 – Florida Southern College

Lakeland, Florida


Accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), Florida Southern College has secured its spot as one of the best accounting colleges in the country. The school offers both an accounting major and minor through the prestigious Barney Barrett School of Business and Free Enterprise. FSC is one of the few schools in the state of Florida to offer a CPA Review Program in addition to career and professional resources. Accounting students at FSC have interned with major organizations such as the Florida State Attorney’s Office, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and even NASA.

Points: 7
Enrollment: 2,670
Net Price: $23,395

#35 – University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The accounting school at the University of Pennsylvania integrates economics and finance with other business-related disciplines to give students a broader understanding of their field. At UPenn, accounting students explore and research topics such as securities analysis and international accounting standards. The school offers several conferences and workshops for students who wish to enrich their academic experience, including workshops such as Relevance, Reliability, and Optimal Debt and Asset Manager Funds as well as the Journal of Accounting and Economics Conference. The university and its students have a global and local impact, using their research to solve social problems and improve business practices.

Points: 7
Enrollment: 24,806
Net Price: $22,694

#34 – Maharishi University of Management

Fairfield, Iowa


The Maharishi University of Management uses a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on work to prepare its MBA Accounting students to be competitive in the job market. After taking foundation courses, accounting students work in teams in a competitive business simulation. During these simulations, students demonstrate and improve their teamwork, technology, and problem-solving skills. As one of the best accounting schools in the USA, MUM offers three tracks for MBA Accounting students based on their level of background knowledge. Students from all three tracks routinely go on to achieve greater career success compared to MBA students from other schools.

Points: 7
Enrollment: 1,454
Net Price: $18,784

#33 – University of California—Berkeley

Berkeley, California


The University of California—Berkeley’s accounting program is interdisciplinary, giving students insight into multiple aspects of business and economics. Students explore topics such as probability, statistics, and finance, and the University’s Center for Financial Reporting and Management connects them with real-world opportunities. As one of the top ranked accounting schools, UC Berkeley also offers enrichment opportunities for accounting students such as workshops, research, and joint projects with faculty. Doctoral students regularly work as teaching assistants or instructors, and small classes give students ample opportunities to work closely with faculty as well as peers.

Points: 7
Enrollment: 27,126
Net Price: $16,655

#32 – College of William and Mary

Williamsburg, Virginia


Students pursuing their Master of Accounting degree at the College of William and Mary enjoy small classes and the opportunity to work with exceptional faculty and peers. This accredited accounting school offers several special programs for these students, including the Summer Boot Camp designed for those who did not major in accounting as an undergraduate. The annual D.C. Trek gives students the opportunity to see how accountants in public and private sectors interact, and the Integrated Winter Field Experience immerses them in accounting during one of the busiest times of the year.

Points: 7
Enrollment: 8,437
Net Price: $12,406

#31 – The University of New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana


The Department of Accounting at The University of New Orleans offers several different options for students wishing to begin or advance a career in accounting including a B.S. in Accounting degree program, a Minor in Accounting, a M.S. in Accounting degree program and a M.S. in Tax Accounting degree program. As one of only 180 schools worldwide, UNO has three separate accreditations from the AACSB International, making it one of the top ranked accounting schools in America. The university has four student organizations directly affiliated with the Department of Accounting including a chapter of the accounting honors fraternity Beta Alpha Psi and the National Association of Black Accountants.

Points: 7
Enrollment: 9,234
Net Price: $8,661

#30 – St. Joseph’s University

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


St. Joseph’s University’s top ranked accounting program prepares students for their careers through rigorous coursework and practical exercise. The program is flexible, allowing students to take courses that advance their professional development. Several student enrichment opportunities are available including the STAR Scholars Program, which introduces students to high-level system applications. In addition, the Sutula Scholars Program offers seminars, service activities, and trips to financial centers. Student volunteers have opportunities to help low-income individuals through SJU’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, and the Accounting Society is also available to accounting majors looking for educational and networking opportunities.

Points: 8
Enrollment: 8,974
Net Price: $34,346

#29 – Creighton University

Omaha, Nebraska


Accounting students at Creighton University gain an understanding of accounting theory concepts and learn to apply these concepts to real-world issues as well. They are expected to develop decision-making skills, business ethics, and leadership skills before graduating from this top ranked accounting school. Award-winning faculty members challenge students and help them develop these traits. Internships are available at several Fortune 500 companies, and students can also engage in experiential learning opportunities, including travel courses to Wall Street, a Portfolio Practicum, and various accounting competitions. Almost all accounting graduates are employed within six months of graduation, proving Creighton to be one of the top accounting schools in the US.

Points: 8
Enrollment: 8,236
Net Price: $28,551

#28 – Trinity University

San Antonio, Texas


The accounting school at Trinity University offers both a 5-year program that results in a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting as well as a Master of Science in Accounting for undergraduate students and a traditional M.S. in Accounting program for graduate students. Both programs emphasize group collaboration, technology integration, writing, and critical thinking. Study abroad opportunities are available for all business students at the university, including study trips to Shanghai, Madrid, Vietnam, and Cuba. Paid internships with national firms and 100% job placement make Trinity one of the very best schools for accounting.

Points: 8
Enrollment: 2,432
Net Price: $27,851

#27 – University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame, Indiana


The University of Notre Dame’s accountancy department provides its students with the knowledge they need to be successful in their field. Students develop problem-solving skills, teamwork, and professional responsibility during their time at the university. As one of the best undergraduate accounting schools on our list, Notre Dame has courses not found at any other school such as its Decision Processes in Accounting course. Students can also participate in the Tax Assistance Program where they gain real-world experience by offering tax preparation services to low-income residents. Multiple accountancy-based student organizations are available to students interested in connecting with their peers.

Points: 8
Enrollment: 12,179
Net Price: $27,025

#26 – John Carroll University

University Heights, Ohio


John Carroll University not only teaches its accountancy students accounting concepts, but it also gives them a strong foundation in liberal arts, communication, and science. JCU strives to create well-rounded students, and it encourages them to apply these subjects to their accounting work. The Master of Science in Accountancy program is flexible, allowing students to receive their degree in as few as 12 months. Students at this top accredited accounting school are expected to develop communication skills, broad perspective, and problem-solving skills with the help of dedicated and supportive faculty.

Points: 8
Enrollment: 3,688
Net Price: $23,140

#25 – University of Texas – Austin

Austin, Texas


The University of Texas is a top ranked accounting school because it gives its students both a broad education and ample opportunities to specialize in more specific areas. Students can gain hands-on experience in a variety of topics through research, and the Accounting Research Colloquium gives students an additional opportunity to learn from accounting experts. One of the school’s most unique features is the McCombs Accounting Research Conference, which invites experts and PhD students from around the world to discuss economics, analytical research, taxation, and other relevant topics. There are also several accounting and business-centered student organizations for both graduate and undergraduate students.

Points: 8
Enrollment: 51,313
Net Price: $20,698

#24 – State University of New York at Binghamton

Vestal, New York


The State University of New York at Binghamton offers students a variety of program options on both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Undergraduates can choose to pursue a traditional Bachelor of Science in Accounting or opt for the Five-Year Program in Accounting, earning both the BS in Accounting and MS in Accounting in just five years. Alternatively, graduate students can enroll in the 32-credit hour Master of Science in Accounting program, which can be completed on either a part-time or full-time basis. These flexible study options as well as the many extended learning opportunities offered through the School of Management makes Binghamton not only one of the best accounting schools in NY, but one of the top ranked accounting schools in the USA as well.

Points: 8
Enrollment: 16,695
Net Price: $15,572

#23 – Michigan State University

East Lansing, Michigan


Michigan State University’s accounting programs create knowledgeable and professional students by using a “Platform Model” that encourages collaboration between students, faculty, and practitioners. These collaborations prepare students for their careers by providing them with a balance between classroom study and hands-on experience. The Department of Accounting has had a major impact not only on its students, but also accounting and information systems practices. Michigan State’s accounting programs and professors are highly ranked by several publications, making it one of the best schools for accounting in the country.

Points: 8
Enrollment: 50,081
Net Price: $14,791

#22 – University of Georgia

Athens, Georgia


The School of Accounting at the University of Georgia is highly regarded for its productive faculty, student quality, and industry accomplishments. It offers one of the top accounting programs in the US, and students graduate well-prepared for their careers. The school’s annual career fair provides an opportunity for accounting majors and recent accounting alumni to connect with over 50 firms and companies. The Terry College of Business also offers study abroad as well as foreign exchange programs for the school’s accounting majors.

Points: 8
Enrollment: 35,197
Net Price: $13,287

#21 – The University of Memphis

Memphis, Tennessee


The Fogelman College of Business and Economics at the University of Memphis is one of the best colleges for accounting in the US as it offers so many diverse study options on both the undergraduate and graduate levels. For undergraduates, the Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in accounting covers core business content as well as specialty topics in accounting such as Cost Accounting, Accounting Systems, and Audit and Assurance Services. For graduate students, the Master of Science program emphasizes service sector accounting while the Ph.D. in Accounting has a heavy research focus.

Points 8
Enrollment: 21,059
Net Price: $12,369

#20 – Arizona State University

Tempe, Arizona


Arizona State University’s School of Accountancy boasts one of the best accounting programs in the US. The program’s challenging curriculum (which is regularly reviewed and updated by alumni and industry professionals) equips its students with relevant skills and knowledge that employers routinely seek out. Small classes allow for individualized attention, discussion, and team-based education. Nearly all ASU alumni are employed quickly after graduation, and several programs are available to help students find jobs, including workshops and career fairs. ASU also uses its connections with several local, national, and international accounting firms to help students seeking employment.

Points: 8
Enrollment: 50,320
Net Price: $12,191

#19 – University of California –Irvine

Irvine, California


Not only is the Master of Professional Accountancy program at the University of California—Irvine one of only two such programs in Southern California, it is also one of the top ranked accounting programs in the nation. Its innovative approach to accounting education combines technical skills with professional practices to ensure its graduates are prepared to work in a high-tech, global market. In addition to working alongside expert researchers and an internationally acclaimed faculty, accounting students at UC- Irvine have the opportunity to network with fellow students by joining over 350 available clubs and student organizations including the Accounting Association and the business honor fraternity, Beta Alpha Psi.

Points: 8
Enrollment: 30,051
Net Price: $12,072

#18 – San Diego State University

San Diego, California


San Diego State University’s accounting program prepares its students for the wide array of duties accountants perform while not compromising the depth of their education. Students can participate in activities and events hosted by the Student Accounting Society, Beta Alpha Psi, and Alpha Kappa Psi. They can also benefit from the resources available at the on-campus Business Advising Center. During their time at this top ranked accounting school, students gain an understanding of several sub-disciplines of accounting, including management consulting, information technology, and tax consulting.

Points: 8
Enrollment: 33,483
Net Price: $10,085

#17 – New York University

New York, New York


New York University is consistently recognized as one of the best accounting schools in NY and the country. Its Department of Accounting has one of the top accounting programs in the U.S., offering a variety of courses for accounting students at all academic levels including classes in Professional Responsibility, Taxes and Business Strategy, and Topic in Advanced Communication in Accounting. The curriculum is designed to meet the students’ needs, and the faculty and department are both highly-ranked by several organizations, including the Research Institute of Management at Erasmus University and the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Points: 9
Enrollment: 49,274
Net Price: $35,543

#16 – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, North Carolina


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill provides its accounting students with valuable connections and preparation for the CPA exam through both online and on-campus formats. Both formats provide a personalized education experience, and students have opportunities to interact with each other at events such as leadership programs and graduation. The faculty at this top accounting school is diverse, well-rounded, experienced, and supportive, using relevant issues and unique perspectives to keep the accounting curriculum interesting and engaging. More than 99 percent of UNC’s Master of Accounting graduates find jobs within three months of graduation, a fact that solidifies UNC’s place among the best accounting schools in the country.

Points: 8
Enrollment: 29,135
Net Price: $10,936

#15 – University of Scranton

Scranton, Pennsylvania


The accredited accounting program at the University of Scranton is recognized both nationally and internationally for its job placement, ethical values, and dedicated faculty. Student research and internships are highly encouraged and used to supplement the program’s rigorous coursework. Several other enrichment opportunities are also available from this top accounting school, including student organizations and leadership programs. The available accounting tracks and courses prepare students not only for a basic accounting job, but also niches within the profession such as forensic accounting, for instance. After graduation, accounting alumni are often recruited by notable accounting firms and corporations.

Points: 9
Enrollment: 5,589
Net Price: $33,353

#14 – University of Southern California

Los Angeles, California


The University of Southern California is one of the best schools for accounting in part because it uses its urban setting to connect students to businesses and nurture a global perspective. Its location within the Marshall School of Business also gives students the chance to work with high-quality faculty and students studying other aspects of business. Programs are flexible, and students work with advisors to create a plan that meets their needs. There are opportunities to travel and study abroad, but international interaction is not restricted to these trips. Students collaborate with people around the world similarly to how they would every day in the workplace, such as making Skype calls to students in China.

Points: 9
Enrollment: 42,453
Net Price: $31,189

#13 – Ohio State University

Columbus, Ohio


Accounting students at Ohio State University benefit from one of the top accounting programs in the US, thanks to the university’s expert faculty and meaningful research and outreach projects. Its students have many extracurricular opportunities related to their major, including student organizations, colloquia, and speaker series. OSU strives to advance accounting and business knowledge in a way that improves the local and global community, and students learn to contribute to this goal through the university’s rigorous programs. OSU’s Department of Accounting and MIS also hosts the Accounting Hall of Fame, which recognizes major contributions to accounting.

Points: 9
Enrollment: 58,322
Net Price: $18,215

#12 – Loyola Marymount University

Los Angeles, California


The Loyola Marymount University Department of Accounting consistently produces alumni who hold high positions in government agencies and corporations. The department also hosts the Paul A. Grosch Lecture Series and the Center for Accounting Ethics, Governance, and the Public Interest. The university’s Accounting Society is one of the biggest professional business clubs on campus, providing accounting majors with valuable professional resources and social events. Graduate students at this top ranked accounting school enjoy small classes taught by first-rate faculty members as well as opportunities to study abroad.

Points: 10
Enrollment: 9,515
Net Price: $40,757

#11 – Seattle University

Seattle, Washington


Seattle University’s accounting program is among our list of top accounting programs because it uses a unique approach to prepare its students for their careers. In the classroom, students engage in rigorous coursework and develop a strong foundation in computer applications. Activities outside the classroom allow them to apply this knowledge to real-world situations. The development of teamwork, communication, and organization is a priority. Both graduate and undergraduate students also have access to accounting mentors, SU alumni who give them valuable insight into the recruiting process and help them find professional development opportunities.

Points: 10
Enrollment: 7,273
Net Price: $34,360

#10 – Bentley University

Waltham, Massachusetts


Accountancy students at Bentley University develop skills that make them valuable to employers and are relevant in a rapidly changing field. Technology, research, and ethical decision-making are taught alongside accounting concepts at this top ranked accounting school. State-of-the-art facilities provide an optimal setting for Bentley’s integration of technology into the program and fosters collaboration among students as well. One such facility is the on-campus Howard A. Winer Accounting Center for Electronic Learning and Business Measurement, which houses tutoring services and complex interdisciplinary projects.

Points: 10
Enrollment: 5,565
Net Price: $31,653

#9 – Cornell University

Ithaca, New York


Cornell University’s accredited accounting program is research-based. Students study several aspects of the accounting profession, including the reporting of information to investors, auditing, and stock prices and trading volume. Workshops and presentations are held on campus throughout the school year by major employers and CPAs. Accounting students at Cornell also have the opportunity to work closely with faculty at the Business Simulation Laboratory and the Parker Center, state-of-the-art facilities designed to give students hands-on experience in accounting and other facets of business.

Points: 10
Enrollment: 21,679
Net Price: $28,537

#8 – University of Wisconsin–Madison

Madison, Wisconsin


The University of Wisconsin—Madison prioritizes student and faculty engagement and discipline-based research. Study abroad is also highly encouraged at this top ranked accounting school. In addition, on-campus research and outreach centers include the Robert Beyer Center for Managerial Accounting and Control and the Arthur Anderson Center for Financial Reporting and Control. Faculty members include experts in several areas, including securities regulation, international financial reporting standards, and managerial accounting. Several enrichment programs exist for accounting students who wish to supplement their education. For example, students can participate in case competitions where they can demonstrate their skills in real-world scenarios, and an ethics and professionalism program is also available.

Points: 10
Enrollment: 42,598
Net Price: $16,131

#7 – University of Connecticut

Storrs, Connecticut


A forward-thinking curriculum, a variety of program options including a Ph.D. program in accounting, and a breadth of extended learning opportunities for students make the Department of Accounting at the University of Connecticut one of the best schools for accounting in the US. Students at all stages of their academic careers are afforded scholarship opportunities and career and professional support as well as highly paid Summer and Winter internships. UConn’s online Master of Science Program in Accounting (MSA) has been recognized for its best practices in online learning by the United States Distance Learning Association and is dually accredited by the AACSB.

Points: 10
Enrollment: 26,541
Net Price: $19,049

#6 – Indiana University—Bloomington

Bloomington, Indiana


Accounting students at Indiana University—Bloomington develop leadership, planning, analysis, and control skills. The curriculum is highly structured, so students do not have much flexibility. However, the curriculum does provide students with a well-rounded knowledge of their field and covers a diverse range of topics. Students can gain experience through field study and field consulting both locally and abroad. Internships are available year-round, and the university’s location gives students access to potential employers. Nearly all of the university’s graduates are recruited by top employers and receive above-average starting salaries, a fact that proves IU Bloomington to be among the top accounting schools in the nation.

Points: 10
Enrollment: 46,416
Net Price: $11,573

#5 – University of Michigan—Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, Michigan


The University of Michigan—Ann Arbor offers a dynamic Masters of Accounting program that helps graduate students expand their employment options. Both core curriculum and electives prepare students for employment both inside and outside of accounting firms. Electives are nearly unlimited and include curriculum from other disciplines. Over the course of the eight-month program, students become well-prepared for the CPA exam and develop cultural perspective and leadership skills that make them competitive in the job market. The majority of the program’s students consistently receive at least one job offer before graduation, firmly securing U of M as one of the best accounting schools in the country.

Points: 11
Enrollment: 43,625
Net Price: $15,850

#4 – University of Florida

Gainesville, Florida


The University of Florida’s Fisher School of Accounting is consistently ranked among the best accounting schools in the US due to its quality, diversity, and competitive research. The university also works to enable students to receive their education in the most efficient way possible. For example, the unique 3/2 Program provides a way for students pursuing a professional accounting career to be awarded both a Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree and a Master of Accounting degree over the course of five years. Another joint degree available to students is the Juris Doctor/Master of Accounting degree.

Points: 11
Enrollment: 49,459
Net Price: $14,786

#3 – University of Illinois at Urbana—Champaign

Champaign, Illinois


The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers students an innovative education and high quality faculty. Faculty expertise and research opportunities are available in a diverse range of topics and methodologies. There are also several events every year, including speakers, symposia, and a forum series. The University’s Department of Accountancy collaborates with partner universities around the world such as the University of Sao Paulo and Xiamen University. Another unique feature that makes UIUC one of the best accounting schools in the US is the on-campus Arthur Andersen Gallery, which explores the history of accountancy.Points

Points: 11
Enrollment: 45,140
Net Price: $27,435

#2 – Texas A&M University—College Station

College Station, Texas


Texas A&M University—College Station’s is recognized as one of the best accounting schools in the US due to its faculty research and productivity, strong programs, and student success. Meaningful interactions between students and faculty are promoted through small class size and research opportunities. The university also hosts the Dealmakers in Mergers and Acquisitions program, which takes a hands-on approach to educating high-performance students on the merger process. Through this and other enrichment programs, accounting students develop useful skills and graduate prepared to become leaders in the field.

Points: 11
Enrollment: 47,093
Net Price: $11,725

#1 – University of Washington

Seattle, Washington


The University of Washington uses its location to its advantage, giving students access to major business leaders and potential employers, as well as recreational and cultural resources. The university actively works to provide its students with ample educational opportunities and to remain atop lists of top 10 accounting schools nationwide. Community engagement is also a priority. Faculty are highly ranked for their contributions to accounting research, and students benefit from their research and expertise. Many opportunities to attend workshops, seminars, and conferences are available to students throughout the year.

Points: 12
Enrollment: 44,784
Net Price: $10,374

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