Online Accounting Degree Programs - Best of 2015By OAD Staff
Posted April 2015

Are you interested in earning an accredited accounting degree online? Whether you've never attended college before or are a working adult looking for a career change, an online degree in accounting can help you find a job you love. Accountants serve a variety of purposes in our society, and you'll see them everywhere from the private sector to government organizations. In fact, it's unlikely that a successful business could exist without at least one accountant operating behind the scenes!

It can be difficult to sift through the myriad options available for online learners. For-profit, non-profit, and public institutions all provide unique benefits to students who want to take advantage of distance education. Depending on the flexibility you need in your schedule and how quickly you want to complete your degree, you might find one choice significantly more appealing than another. At the same time, there are a lot of online colleges out there that don't deliver what they promise.

Our goal is to make your search easier by narrowing down your choices to a selection of 20 of the best online accounting schools in the nation.


Our ranking focused on a few main factors, as listed below:

Average Tuition (Weighted 10%): Tuition was not the primary factor in our ranking, but we did want to at least consider cost as a part of our selection. Most students have a budget to consider when selecting a college, and so it's important to remember that quality means very little if it's not accessible. We took our tuition prices from College Navigator, a website run by the National Center for Education Statistics. We looked specifically at undergraduate tuition rates for the most recent school year, although these costs generally don't include fees, room and board, or other expenses. Note that some colleges may also offer slightly different rates for online classes, or may offset their costs with other options we couldn't entirely account for in this ranking.

Career Services (Weighted 15%): We looked at data on Princeton Review to assess what schools offer in terms of their career services. This could include internships, mock interviews, interest inventories, alumni networking events, and other resources particularly useful to students trying to make it in the business world. The more career services a school offered, the more points we gave it.

4-Year Graduation Rate (Weighted 20%): We looked at this data as an important indication of a school's ability to keep its students on track and push them to reach their career goals. Especially given how few students actually make it to graduation within that traditional four-year time frame, schools with high figures in this area received a solid boost in our ranking.

Class Size (Weighted 15%): We looked at information on U.S. News to determine what percentage of their classes online learners should expect to contain 20 students or fewer. Many students report learning better and enjoying greater access to their professors when their class sizes are small, so schools with more small classes received more points.

Students in the Major (Weighted 20%): This is an interesting category to consider that other ranking groups have also utilized in their methodologies. We looked at the number of students at a university who choose to major in accounting or business compared to those attending for an unrelated degree. By our thinking, if a school has a high percentage of students in its business/accounting programs, it suggests that either the school emphasizes these topics above others, students are more attracted to these programs than humanities/liberal arts/hard science alternatives, or both.

Related Majors (Weighted 20%): For the last category, we took a look at how many other majors the school offers that accounting students might find useful. The idea here is that if accounting students have access to classes in a lot of related degree programs or even have the option to double major or minor in an area of professional significance, they will have a better overall experience in college. We considered "related majors" to include degrees in Finance, Economics, Business Administration, Marketing, Mathematics, International Business, and other programs with similar objectives.

We weighted each category and organized each school's points to give them a final score out of 200. The 20 online colleges with final tallies closest to 200 are featured below. Every student is looking for something slightly different, so we encourage you to check out the entire list and look at these schools' websites as well. But in the mean time, you can feel confident that you've stumbled across a selection of schools with quality academics, helpful career resources, attentive faculty, and plans to help you succeed.

Online Accounting Degree Rankings 2015

50. Brescia University

Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Brescia University’s online accounting degree program stands out in more ways than one. Affordable Colleges Online named it one of the “Best Accounting Degree Programs” for 2015, and its below average tuition brings the university’s curriculum within reach of a wide range of students. Accounting students at Brescia enjoy small class sizes, nearly 90% of which serve fewer than 20 students. Students can take courses in the Principles of Accounting, to be sure, but also enjoy classes in Marketing Concepts, Business Policy, and even Federal Entity Taxation. Accounting students near graduation can participate in school-sponsored interviews and career assessment surveys to help them prepare for the professional world.
Tuition: $19,990/yr
Score: 86.86

49. St. Catherine University

Online Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Accounting

St. Catherine University, affectionately known as “St. Kate,” offers flexible accounting programs online that also accommodate the need for weekend and evening classes. Nearly 100% of graduates acquire jobs in their chosen field within two months of graduation, offering superior return on investment that compensates for somewhat high tuition rates. St. Kate students enjoy one-on-one attention from faculty – even when utilizing an online format – and take classes that cover income tax, cost accounting, business law, and auditing. Uniquely, the university also helps students develop a business portfolio, explore internship opportunities at women-owned businesses in the surrounding area, and complete innovative research.
Tuition: $36,420/yr
Score: 87.17

48. Granite State College

Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance

Granite State College is a small public institution and is part of the larger New Hampshire university system. GSC offers an exceedingly affordable online accounting degree program that provides the accounting and financial management expertise of a much more expensive school. One of the biggest appeals of this university is its small size, which gives students the opportunity to take nearly 90% of classes with 20 students or less. Accounting students may also be interested in the school’s related degree programs, which include business management and marketing. The program is ideal for students who already have an associate’s degree, as the curriculum covers the advanced topics in budget management, investment, and auditing required for professional accounting work.
Tuition: $7,065/yr (In-state) $7,785/yr (Out-of-state)
Score: 87.73

47. National University

Online Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

Students researching accounting programs online shouldn’t overlook National University, an affordable, quality choice in distance education. During their academic experience, National students can take classes in Government and Nonprofit Accounting, Individual and Business Taxation, and Auditing, as well as fundamental business courses in marketing and management. As they near graduation, online learners can tap into regional alumni networks or practice their interviewing skills to help bolster their chances of finding competitive work. Accounting students also benefit from the school’s strong emphasis on business-related majors, and related degree programs include finance, economics, business administration, and business analytics.
Tuition: $12,384/yr
Score: 87.74

46. Chadron State College

Online Bachelor of Arts with a Comprehensive Major in Business Administration: Accounting Option

Chadron State College attracts students seeking an accredited online accounting degree program because of its wide range of course options. Students can choose a general business degree or pick from one of three separate accounting options – two of which include CPA preparation, and one of which also leads to an MBA. Online learners who aren’t quite sure of their career goals yet can also explore related majors in finance, management, and marketing. All business majors must acquire a solid foundation in mathematical skills before applying to advanced courses in Business Law, Macroeconomics, Information Systems, and Decision Support, among others.
Tuition: $5,668/yr (In-state) $5,698/yr (Out-of-state)
Score: 88.67

45. University of Phoenix

Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The University of Phoenix is a well-known name in for-profit, online education. Its degree programs cross every level of study and nearly every area of academic interest, including online accounting degree programs. Despite its lower than average tuition, Phoenix offers great accessibility and flexibility for its cost. With campuses all across the country, online learners don’t have to feel constrained by geography. Students can take classes in Accounting Information Systems, Principles of Microeconomics, Marketing, Finance for Business, Cost Accounting, and much more. Online courses offer an engaging experience with seasoned faculty at the helm – in fact, more than 40% of professors have previously worked for a Fortune 1000 company. University of Phoenix business courses currently hold accreditation from the ACBSP.
Tuition: $11,320/yr
Score: 89.79

44. University of the Incarnate Word

Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Accounting

The BSBA in Accounting at the University of the Incarnate Word, accredited by the ACBSP, stands out for its stellar career services, small classroom environment, and dynamic curriculum options. Accredited by the ACBSP, the accounting program online at UIW covers classes in Business Law, Marketing, Cost Accounting, Federal Income Tax, and Auditing, plus much more. Incarnate Word also offers program members substantial opportunities to explore other areas of business, including Information Systems, Social Marketing, and eBusiness. UIW also offers guidance on how to prepare for the CPA exam, plus internships and alumni services for those who need help getting their foot in the door after graduation.
Tuition: $26,490/yr
Score: 91.42

43. Southern Oregon University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with Option in Accounting

Students seeking a school with a top online accounting program ranking should take a close look at Southern Oregon University. Accounting Degree Review recently awarded the university the 12th spot on its list of the “30 most affordable programs,” a label that rings especially true for in-state students. Members of the online degree program can take advantage not just of convenient scheduling, but also flexible curriculum options. A Public Accounting Track focuses on auditing, taxation, and cost management, while the Management Accounting Track offers classes in information systems, nonprofit accounting, and business communication. Students at SOU enjoy a wealth of career services, in addition to small classes (nearly half of which have 20 students or less) that get them more attention from professors.
Tuition: $7,701/yr (In-state) $21,279/yr (Out-of-state)
Score: 91.75

42. University of Alaska Southeast

Online Bachelor of Business Administration: Accounting Emphasis

The University of Alaska Southeast has made the smart choice to offer many of its programs online, bringing its top-notch programs within reach of students who can’t make the trek through Canada. UAS classes in the school’s accredited online accounting degree program cover the Principles of Financial Accounting, Macroeconomics, and Financial Management. UAS students can also explore practical classes in spreadsheets, database concepts, statistics, and other quantitative methods. A Capstone class in Strategic Management helps online learners solidify their skills, while internship opportunities push them to put this newfound knowledge into practice.
Tuition: $7,701/yr (In-state) $21,279/yr (Out-of-state)
Score: 91.75

41. University of Hawaii West Oahu

Online Bachelor of Business Administration: Accounting

Online learners at the University of Hawaii West Oahu might not experience the sunny skies and great surfing that attract some to campus, they still get all the great benefits of high-caliber academic classes. In addition to affordable tuition, students in this cheap online accounting degree program enjoy small class sizes, career services, and interesting classes. Distance learning programs feature interactive materials and collaboration systems, and even interactive televisions for local students. Accounting program members take Federal Individual Taxation, Auditing, Corporate and Partnership Tax, and more, typically graduating in three years.
Tuition: $6,888/yr (In-state) $18,888/yr (Out-of-state)
Score: 93.89

40. Ashford University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Accounting

Ashford University is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). It is another popular choice for students seeking a degree at a for-profit, entirely online college. Ashford earns top ranks for its affordable tuition and interdisciplinary approach to education, which brings majors together through a variety of interrelated subjects. In addition to its accredited online accounting degree program (which holds IACBE accreditation), Ashford also offers degrees in Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Consumer and Family Financial Services, and Business Leadership. Ashford is also unique in the organizational structure of its accounting degree, which allows students to further specialize in one of eight areas: Business Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Systems, International Management, Operations Management, Project Management, and Public Administration.

Score: 94.19

39. Rasmussen College

Online Accounting Bachelor’s Degree

Students looking for an affordable online accounting degree program that also offers variety and flexibility might find exactly what they seek at Rasmussen College. This accounting bachelor’s degree starts with the basics of Managerial Accounting Theory and Practice and progresses into advanced study of Financial Accounting, Financial Reporting, Financial Management, Statistics, Business Law, and Strategic Management. Combining these major-specific courses with a large number of general education classes creates a degree sure to prepare accounting graduates for any career they wish to pursue. Students who aren’t quite ready for a bachelor’s degree can also consider enrolling in Rasmussen’s associate or certificate programs.
Tuition: $10,764
Score: 94.83

38. Regent University

Online Bachelor of Science in Business with a Concentration in Accounting

Regent University’s on-campus and online accounting degree program focuses primarily on business education, but offers accounting principles within one area of concentration. Other potential specializations include Economics, Human Resources, Marketing, and General Management, and students can combine core and elective classes to earn a degree uniquely suited to their interests. In addition, students living in-state can take advantage of CPA study courses that will help prepare them for the certification exam in Virginia. Regent University also stands out for its other career services, which include an alumni network, internships, and special alumni resources.
Tuition: $16,478/yr
Score: 97.34

37. Northeastern University

Online Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting Management

Students truly looking for top quality over low tuition in this online accounting programs ranking should zone in on Northeastern University, a top college with great academics and online resources. Outside of their regular classes, students can take advantage of experiential opportunities and internships, network with alumni, and explore their professional interests. A solid majority of the classes include only 20 students or fewer, a figure that spans across accounting, finance, business, and management courses. One of the benefits of Northeastern is its interesting curriculum, which offers classes – from Credit Analysis and Working Capital Management to Investment Principles – that many other colleges don’t offer.
Tuition: $43,440/yr
Score: 97.84

36. Walden University

Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Accounting Specialization

Walden University is a popular choice for students interested in a cheap online accounting degree program. Although tuition is substantially less than other comparable programs, Walden doesn’t skimp on goods and services. The school boasts ACBSP accreditation for all business administration degrees, and offers an array of specialization options that far exceeds expectations. In addition to accounting, Walden students can also take classes in finance, healthcare management, small business management, marketing, information systems, project management, multicultural marketing communication, or human resource management. In addition, students can design a “general” program or pursue a minor to augment their major accounting focus.
Tuition: $12,240/yr
Score: 98.47

35. University of the Potomac

Online Bachelor of Accounting

Small class sizes, experienced faculty, frequent start dates, and a practical curriculum characterize the accounting program online at the University of the Potomac. As its name suggests, this school offers classes in the Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia area, but online courses extend the university’s reach across the nation. Uniquely, the University of the Potomac structures its accounting program to give students two main choices: dive deeper into the study of accounting through upper-division electives, or supplement their main degree with a concentration in Finance, Marketing, Management, International Business, Government Contract Management, Healthcare, or Information Management.
Tuition: $13,434/yr
Score: 98.59

34. Jones International University

Online Bachelor of Business Administration: Accounting

Jones International University has designed a bachelor’s degree in accounting that covers all its bases, offering students pathways into both traditional certified public accounting and more contemporary roles in management and technology. The accredited online accounting degree program meets the AICPA’s standards for CPA preparation, and also prepares graduates to pursue additional study in an MBA program. Nearly 7% of students at JIU are there specifically to learn about accounting and business, suggesting that the university emphasizes these topics over other degree programs. The 120-credit curriculum takes approximately 40 months to complete, and full-time students can get the best of business trends, technical writing, marketing management, economic theory, cost accounting, and taxation education for less than $13,000 a year.
Tuition: $12,720/yr
Score: 98.68

33. Brenau University

Online Bachelor of Business Administration: Accounting

This isn’t the only online accounting programs ranking that features Brenau University. also praises Brenau, citing its bachelor’s of business administration as the 11th best of its kind in the nation. Students at this university first complete a series of business core courses before specializing their skills within a concentration. Those who choose the accounting route study taxation, cost accounting, auditing and assurance, and other foundational topics essential to a successful career in the field. More than 80% of classes have twenty students or fewer, and online learners enjoy unparalleled access to top-notch professors. This undoubtedly plays a role in Brenau’s impressive 74% four-year retention rate, a figure that’s hard to maintain in online learning.
Tuition: $24,780/yr
Score: 98.89

32. Western Governors University

Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Perhaps above all, students choose to attend Western Governors University for its incredibly affordable online accounting degree program. That being said, low cost isn’t the only benefit WGU offers. Department leaders describe the accounting curriculum as “carefully developed,” designed to give proficient adult learners “high level competence” across a range of subject areas. There is no limit to how quickly program members progress, and WGU encourages students to complete as much of their degree as possible during each six-month term. Innovative “competency units” determine students’ progress, and allow online learners unique flexibility to study whenever they want and tailor the degree to their own needs.
Tuition: $6,070/yr
Score: 99.36

31. Briar Cliff University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Accounting

Briar Cliff University differentiates itself from other programs through its emphasis on the fact that CPAs and accountants are not the same thing. BCU strongly encourages all undergraduate accounting majors to pursue CPA certification, and so formulates its curriculum entirely around what the school refers to as “the most important exam you’ll ever take.” The accounting program online is self-paced and even gives students the flexibility to transfer 90 out of a total 124 credits from another school. The four-year graduation rate at Briar Cliff is nearly 80%, and students no doubt stick around to access the engaging classes in Accounting Information Systems, Federal Taxation, ASC Research, and “ALEKS.”
Tuition: $27,202/yr
Score: 99.73

30. Colorado State University

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

Colorado State University is a top online college that attracts students from far and wide to its impressively affordable majors. But saying that CSU has a cheap online accounting degree program is a reference to its cost only – in terms of quality, CSU lands among the best. More than 5% of students at CSU choose to pursue accounting above all other degree programs, due in no small part to its flexible scheduling, rigorous curriculum, and impressive alumni testimonials. Even in an online format, students feel as if they are in small, intimate classes, and often take advantage of this environment to get to know their stellar professors. Even within the accounting program, students can choose from a surprising array of specializations, including Criminology, Data Management and Analysis, Organizational Leadership, and Professional Sales.
Tuition: $8,400/yr
Score: 100.74

29. Thomas Edison State College

Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Accounting

Even out-of-state students won’t be able to believe the incredible tuition rates that Thomas Edison State College offers. Known as one of the first big names in distance education, TESC has a strong reputation for its business and accounting programs online. In fact, it was the vast selection of business- and finance-related majors that drove TESC onto this ranking. In addition to accounting, online learners at this college can indulge their interests in entrepreneurship, operations management, marketing, international business, human resources, finance, information systems, and even healthcare administration. Students acquire a number of specific, practical skills during their time earning this bachelor’s degree, including the ability to analyze earnings performance and use computer software in financial planning.
Tuition: $5,871/yr (In-state) $8,647/yr (Out-of-state)
Score: 101.87

28. Keystone College

Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Yet another college to receive recognition on more than one online accounting programs ranking, Keystone College is a perfect choice for students who want a school with a great reputation. Affordable Colleges Online named Keystone to its list of best colleges for 2015, an assessment based on a combination of its low cost and high academic caliber. The prestigious IACBE accredits Keystone’s accounting program, which offers classes online as well as on satellite campuses over the weekends. Students learn to not only accumulate and summarize financial information, but also analyze and interpret the results to the benefit of business and governmental organizations.
Tuition: $21,900/yr
Score: 102.02

27. American Public University

Online Bachelor of Business Administration

The bachelor of business administration at American Public University takes a more general approach to accounting and finance than other schools on this list. Organized primarily as a “general business” program, students can nonetheless take targeted classes in accounting, microeconomics, statistics, and financial management, among other areas. APU also offers less typical courses in Critical Thinking Strategies, Law and Ethics in the Business Environment, Monetary Economics, and Small Business Growth and Development. American Public University scores particularly well in the tuition and related majors categories, which demonstrate the breadth of academic experience students can garner for a low overall investment.
Tuition: $6,400/yr
Score: 102.35

26. Western International University

Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Western International University’s accredited online accounting degree program is approximately four years in length, and is available to students whether they have a number of transfer credits or are just starting out in their college career. Because of its low annual tuition, WIU gives online learners the opportunity to take all four years of classes for just over $31,000. More than 60% of classes have fewer than twenty students, and students can easily access their professors through innovative online learning tools. The “Accounting Core” within the larger business curriculum zeros in on specialized topics in marketing, operations management, and financial accounting, among other topics.
Tuition: $6,000/yr
Score: 105.64

25. Colorado Technical University

Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Adult learners who want a university that boasts a top U.S News ranking in addition to valuable ACBSP accreditation should look no further than Colorado Tech. This online accounting degree program has earned praise from multiple venues, and it easily finds a home midway through this list. Students can conveniently choose from multiple start dates throughout the year, taking classes in accounting, taxation, non-profit accounting, and government work at whatever pace most suits their schedules. CTU also ensures that students develop the interpersonal communication and leadership skills that will help them thrive in the business world.
Tuition: $11,396/yr
Score: 106.82

24. Gardner-Webb University

Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The benefits that Gardner-Webb University provides through its accredited online accounting program more than make up for a tuition rate slightly above average. Nearly 70% of classes have fewer than twenty students, and outside of the classroom students can pursue internships, practice interview opportunities, alumni networking events, and other useful career services. These features, combined with a selection of classes that span from Accounting Principles to International Management, push GWU’s four-year graduation rate to nearly 70%. GWU touts its unique “GOAL” curriculum as both intensive and “quantitatively approached,” helping prepare students or CPA, CMA, and CFA certification in a way not many schools provide.
Tuition: $27,080/yr
Score: 106.94

23. Penn State World Campus

Online Bachelor of Science in Business: Accounting

Unlike some traditional online colleges, Penn State’s “World Campus” is but one branch of a larger, on-campus state school system. Distance education learners at Penn State enjoy nearly all the same resources traditional public school students experience, including an almost unbeatable selection of classes. Those who aren’t 100% confident in their decision to pursue accounting might consider another specialty, such as marketing, financial services, or general management. Penn State boasts national recognition from U.S. News for the superior quality of its bachelor’s programs, and also makes a name for itself in affordability; most classes cost less than $600 per credit. Lastly, the four-year graduation rate at PSU sails north of 70% - one of the highest scores on this list.
Tuition: $13,516/yr
Score: 106.94

22. Upper Iowa University

Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Earning an accounting degree online from Upper Iowa University is a great way for students to launch their career in professional finance. The curriculum is designed to provide ambitious students with the foundations they need for work in both public accounting and the private sector; after graduation, many students continue at UIU and prepare for CPA, CMA, or CIA certification. Upper Iowa gets particularly high scores for its small class sizes and comprehensive career services, including internships, regional alumni networks, and special career prep classes. Accounting students explore a variety of unique topics that range from Quantitative Decisions in Business and Elementary Statistics to Product Cost Accounting and Federal Taxation. A Capstone course in Strategic Management helps students showcase their skills one final time before graduation.
Tuition: $26,834/yr
Score: 108.12

21. Saint Leo University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Accounting

With a four-year graduation rate of nearly 75%, a wide selection of career services, and a majority of classes with twenty students or fewer, it’s easy to see why so many people choose Saint Leo for their college education. Saint Leo’s online accounting degree program is perfect for students who want to obtain entry-level positions in the field. However, the degree also provides a great starting point for those who ultimately want to earn CPA certification. SLU’s curriculum explores business law, cost accounting, auditing, federal income tax, and other concepts fundamental to the study of accounting.
Tuition: $20,420/yr
Score: 109.37

20. Bellevue University

Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Bellevue University’s online Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree prepares students for careers in financial accounting, auditing, tax accounting, and analysis. The curriculum includes classes related to management, marketing, income tax accounting, and business policy and ethics. If you are looking for an affordable or cheap online accounting degree program, consider Bellevue University. The college allows students to access their classes 24/7 and have real-time chats with classmates and instructors. They can also access many support tools and services at any time. Bellevue’s business accounting program received special accreditation through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education.
Tuition: $6,450/yr
Score: 110.17

19. Capella University

Online Bachelor of Science in Business: Accounting Specialization

Capella University’s online Bachelor of Science in Business offers students and working professionals an accounting specialization that serves as a convenient way to obtain a degree. Classes are cutting-edge and have up-to-date course materials on pertinent topics from new government regulations to understanding business growth in today’s economy. Establishing accounting systems, organizing and interpreting financial information, and applying ethical standards to accounting work are some of the degree's outcomes. This is one of the more unique online accounting degree programs because students can also work toward a master’s degree simultaneously. Accreditation for Capella University’s business program and accounting specialization is from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.
Tuition: $12,816/yr
Score: 112.35

18. Indiana Wesleyan University

Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The online Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree from Indiana Wesleyan University is for working professionals looking to further their education. Courses include accounting theory, auditing, taxation, practical application, and problem-solving. Classes also focus on managerial issues faced by those in the fields of accounting and personal finance, and provide motivated students with a great foundation for pursuing CPA certification. The college offers a variety of career services, as well as other business concentrations including management, business information systems, and marketing. IWU’s DeVoe School of Business is a member of the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.
Tuition: $24,102/yr
Score: 112.46

17. University of Minnesota Crookton

Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting

University of Minnesota Crookston’s Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree curriculum showcases both basic and advanced techniques that graduates can put to use in the for-profit, public and non-profit sectors. Students earning this degree generally find careers in taxation, finance, banking, financial analysis, management accounting, and public accounting. UMC’s small and flexible classes provide all the skills necessary for students to succeed in this field of study, and especially emphasize the foundational knowledge accountants will find useful in entry-level positions. Students can also use their time at this affordable online college to explore related degree programs in entrepreneurism or management.
Tuition: $11,468/yr
Score: 114.30

16. Athens State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Athens State University’s Bachelor of Science in Accounting prepares students for a variety of careers in industrial accounting, public accounting, internal auditing, and government service. Graduates of this program are knowledgeable across many areas of finance, as well as management, management information systems, global business, marketing, and production concepts and theories. ASU’s Bachelor of Science in Accounting program received an endorsement from the Institute of Management Accountants, as well as prestigious accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. ASU’s program is one of the more affordable online accounting programs offering undergraduate degrees.
Tuition: $5,370/yr
Score: 114.81

15. University of Maryland University College

Online Bachelor's Degree in Business & Management: Major in Accounting

The online Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Management with a major in accounting from the University of Maryland University College provides a specialized curriculum for students looking to work in the fields of fraud studies, accounting information systems, internal auditing, and federal financial management. Students can also sign an articulation agreement with the university’s graduate school to complete both bachelor and master’s degrees for a reduced total credit load. With additional coursework, students can also prepare for important exams to become a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Fraud Examiner, or Certified Management Accountant. UMUC has an 80% four-year graduation rate and offers a broader range of courses than many other online colleges.
Tuition: $6,744/yr (In-state) $12,336/yr (Out-of-state)
Score: 115.80

14. Northwestern Christian University

Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Northwest Christian University’s Bachelor of Science in Accounting is for working professionals looking to gain entry-level jobs in management or accounting. It has an optional Certified Public Accountant’s track and provides classes on the study and integration of accounting practice and theory. Graduates can go on to careers in both the public and private sector, including auditing, financial accounting, management accounting, tax accounting, and budget analysis. Students can also pursue an optional CPA track or earn a related certificate to strengthen their resumes. The school’s high graduation rate – near 80% - helps boost its position on this online accounting program ranking.
Tuition: $26,180/yr
Score: 116.25

13. Post University

Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The online Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree from Post University offers small classes and employs a faculty with extensive experience in the business world as accountants. They bring knowledge and expertise about public accounting, auditing, forensic accounting, and corporate income taxation to the online classroom. The unique curriculum focuses on creativity, innovation, and leadership through classes that provide 24/7 online technical support. Online learners also enjoy access to the university’s writing center and one-on-one tutoring services. Post University graduates work in the fields of government, manufacturing, finance, law enforcement, and healthcare, and can find internships during their degree that will increase their chances of receiving a competitive job offer. The business school has earned accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, a sure sign of its quality curriculum.
Tuition: $16,510/yr
Score: 117.85

12. Northwood University

Online Bachelor of Business Administration: Accounting

The online Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Northwood University positions graduates to find work in a variety of fields, including financial management, fraud examination, information systems auditing, and account management. NU students begin accounting courses in their first semester and benefit from a curriculum that integrates a large number of foundational business topics into its coursework. Students can become members of several professional organizations, including the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Institute of Management Accountants, and the Institute of Internal Auditors. NU has several career services available to graduates and is currently seeking approval from the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education and the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.
Tuition: $23,132/yr
Score: 118.33

11. Culver-Stockton College

Online Bachelor of Science in Business: Accountancy

Culver-Stockton College’s online Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy and Finance provides a solid foundation for graduates intending to pursue careers in public, non-profit or private accounting, or finance. Course topics include fraud prevention, risk management, investments, global business, cost management, macroeconomics, microeconomics, and human resource management, among others. Courses are structured in an eight-week, accelerated format and provide flexibility for full-time working professionals. Culver-Stockton’s impressive four-year graduation rate (84%) and IACBE accreditation further strengthen its position in our ranking. Members of the accounting program receive lots of other perks as well, including the opportunity to double major in finance and attend conferences all over the country.
Tuition: $24,050/yr
Score: 119.04

10. New England College

Online Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration: Accounting Concentration

New England College’s online Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting provides students with valuable financial management skills. Experienced professors stand at the help of uniquely specialized courses, offering valuable instruction in financial competencies as well as the skills needed to work in the private, non-profit, government, or public sectors. Students also learn about business analysis techniques and prepare for careers as diverse as tax examiners and FBI special agents. New England College’s variety of career services and strong curriculum help students stay on track, and more than 80% graduate in just four years. Like many online accounting degree programs, NEC offers downloadable lectures and interactive discussion boards.
Tuition: $33,900/yr
Score: 121.33

9. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

Online Baccalaureate Accounting Degree

Online accounting majors at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College take various business core and required accounting classes spanning topics such as microeconomics, management, marketing, business law, international business, tax laws, auditing, and financial accounting. Unlike other schools in this ranking, St. Mary-of-the-Woods is a private liberal arts school catering specifically to the needs of female learners. It has a low teacher-student ratio that students can enjoy regardless of major, and aspiring accountants might also consider a related degree in business or human resources. The college’s online program has eight-week and 16-week learning formats, and its impressively flexible schedule helps more than 80% of students graduate in four years or less.
Tuition: $28,531/yr
Score: 122.34

8. Hiram College

Online Bachelor's of Accounting and Financial Management

Hiram College’s online Bachelor’s of Accounting and Financial Management degree teaches students to analyze, evaluate, and critique business transactions and strategies based on principles in auditing, accounting, cost management, and taxation. The accounting program’s online curriculum also prepares graduates for entry-level jobs in accounting and finance, or positions them to take on additional coursework and prepare for the Certified Public Accountant exam. Hiram College has a 90% four-year graduation rate and offers a variety of career services to help students find the right path for them. The college also has a broader bachelor’s degree in business management that concentrates on accounting, as well economics, marketing, organizational behavior, and research methods.
Tuition: $30,290/yr
Score: 123.81

7. Ottawa University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Accounting

Graduates receiving an online Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Ottawa University learn fiduciary responsibility as well as how to communicate with external and internal stakeholders. They also study problem solving, decision making, and systems analysis, and gain a solid foundation in business ethics. Accountants who graduate from OU can work in public accounting, of course, but also have the flexibility to pursue work as controllers, purchasing agents, or budget analysts. OU students online might also consider exploring the university’s other business concentrations, which cover everything from actuarial science and finance to international business and entrepreneurship. Ottawa earns especially high marks in this ranking for attracting approximately a sizable portion of its student body to accounting and accounting-related majors.
Tuition: $11,670/yr
Score: 124.61

6. Regis University

Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Regis University’s online Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree incorporates current accounting techniques and technology into its program while offering a strong ethical foundation to all its students. The accounting program’s online curriculum equips students with quantitative and analytical skills that graduates can use in the public or private sector. Regis University’s School of Management also allows ambitious learners to enroll in graduate degree classes simultaneously, which can substantially shorten the time students must commit to school before finding the job they want. In fact, approximately 70% of Regis students graduate in the allotted four-year timeframe, ideally positioning graduates to then pursue advanced study in business, finance, human resources, or marketing – at the same university or somewhere else.
Tuition: $33,060/yr
Score: 126.47

5. Southern New Hampshire University

Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Roughly 84% of accounting students working toward their online Bachelor of Science degree at Southern New Hampshire University graduate in four years. That statistic, along with its small class sizes and impressive curriculum, push this college near the top of our list. SNHU’s online accounting degree is for both business and accounting professionals wanting to learn more about taxation, auditing, general accounting principles, and financial analysis. Furthermore, students choose an additional focus area in one of SNHU’s other concentrations: Forensic Accounting or Fraud Examination. Southern New Hampshire’s business program enjoys accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, a feature that is no doubt one of the reasons so many students at the school choose to pursue an accounting degree.
Tuition: $29,604/yr
Score: 129.22

4. Golden Gate University

Online Bachelor of Science in Business: Accounting Concentration

Golden Gate University’s online Bachelor of Science in Business provides a solid foundation for students in the areas of accounting, finance, business analysis, management, and operations. Local professionals who are actively working in business teach many of the online courses, a feature which gives online learners the unique advantage of hearing from experts with years of relevant experience. The low student-teacher ratio puts these professors in easy reach of students, and some of them are even known to give ambitious students advice on how to start their own business. Other concentrations available include finance, human resource management, information technology, international business, marketing, public administration, and operations and supply chain management.
Tuition: $14,640/yr
Score: 130.07

3. Brandman University

Online Bachelor of Business Administration: Accounting

The online Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Brandman University prepares students to work in a global business environment, introducing them to various accounting aspects, from income taxation and cost analysis to budgeting and auditing. The program is perfect for professionals wanting to move up at their current place of employment or for those preparing for entry-level or middle management opportunities. Most classes have fewer than 20 students, and more than 3% of school’s student population is studying for a business or accounting degree. Online learners might also be interested in taking related classes in finance, general business, marketing, human resources, or even organizational communication.
Tuition: $12,200/yr
Score: 130.07

2. Franklin University

Online Accounting Bachelor’s Degree

Franklin University’s online Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting prepares students for careers in financial reporting and analysis, cost management, tax accounting, auditing, and accounting ethics. The college offers both technical and application-based classes, which together help prepare learners for professional certification exams – including the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) exams. The program receives a high online accounting program ranking because of its moderate price, the variety of career services available, and cross-cutting curriculum. The expansiveness of its courses and majors gives accounting students the flexibility to explore topics in forensic accounting, information systems auditing, financial management, and health information management, to name but a few. As with most of the universities on this list, Franklin boasts a top accreditation from the IACBE.
Tuition: $11,161/yr
Score: 132.00

1. Linfield College

Online Bachelor's Degree in Accounting

An online Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Linfield College may be the perfect starting place for an aspiring accountant or financial professional. Students who attend Linfield can be confident that they’ll maintain a steady pace, and a full 88% of students are ready to graduate by the end of four years. Linfield’s small class sizes, internships, alumni network, and stellar online resources help strengthen students’ experience at the school. Online learners can even take tutorials as a way to adjust to distance education. Once they feel comfortable, some students even feel motivated to move ahead, and Linfield accommodates this demand by assisting students in their preparation to take additional credits and sit for the Certified Public Accountant’s exam.
Tuition: $12,150/yr
Score: 148.80

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