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May 2016
By OAD Staff

Is it really possible to earn a degree as narrowly focused as a master’s degree in taxation? Considering that MBA and MS in Accounting programs also address tax issues – plus many other subjects – you might be wondering why someone would choose to pursue an “MTax. “ But don’t be fooled by the degree name; this too is an interdisciplinary program that has applications in business, finance, accounting, and even law. In fact, many graduate taxation programs also offer CPA exam prep, and some are available as joint MS/MBA degrees. But even without these cross-over elements, acquiring a specialization in taxation is a smart move. Modern businesses must contend with a dense network of rules and regulations – a network that is only growing in complexity – and they are in dire need of tax experts who can wade through the legal jargon, conduct research on their behalf, and ensure that their financial plans are air tight. If you can be that person, you’ll be a hero of the corporate world.

Students of all shapes and sizes apply to Master of Taxation programs. Recent undergraduates, working professionals, current executives – regardless of their background in the field, most applicants share a common goal: to enhance their career prospects and enlarge their salaries. Oh, and it’s safe to say most would like to be able to afford their education, too!

Using these basic interests as our foundation, we created a ranking of the top 40 values in graduate taxation degree programs. In the process, we aimed to capture “metrics that matter.” In other words, we wanted to make sure our ranking gives the people what they want! So in lieu of traditional factors like selectivity and GRE score, we assessed programs on indicators that relate primarily to salary, skill/knowledge enhancement, and affordability.


Once we acquired a list of all the U.S. schools that offer Master’s degrees in Taxation, we evaluated each school on four key metrics:

  • 2014 CPA Exam pass rates, courtesy of NASBA (the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy)
  • Early career salary for business school grads, courtesy of (most universities offer their M.S. in Taxation degrees through the business school, so the quality of the MTax and MBA programs - and their career prospects - are often linked
  • Student appeal, i.e. number of graduate students majoring in Taxation relative to all other possible Business and Finance degrees
  • Average cost, calculated as the average of in-state and out-of-state tuition rates and fees for the 2013-14 school year, courtesy of College Navigator (a division of the National Center for Education Statistics)

After collecting all the data, we used a point system to assign each school a final score, basing the distribution on a scale in which the top-scoring school earned 150 points.

The results – along with brief descriptions of the programs – are presented below. We can’t tell you which one is best for you, but we can tell you these are some of the best!

40. Pace University-New York

New York, NY

MS in Taxation

Located right in the center of the finance capital of the world, Pace University-New York is uniquely suited to provide business students with the best of both tax education and professional opportunities. In fact, Pace University’s campus is merely blocks away from the New York Stock Exchange and Federal Reserve Bank, and it hosts one of the largest internship programs in the Metropolitan New York area. Pace helps students capitalize on this proximity by offering LinkedIn mentoring with successful business school alumni as well as visiting executive lecturers. As a result, Pace graduates enjoy a 93% placement rate in their field after just a year, as well as an average starting salary of over $70K.
Tuition and Fees: $29,070/yr
Score: 63.09

39. State University of New York College-Old Westbury

Old Westbury, NY

Taxation, M.S.

State University of New York College-Old Westbury’s top master’s degree in taxation helps you “Own Your Future” with a comprehensive graduate business program that goes far beyond the purview of mere financial accounting. While SUNY Old Westbury certainly provides the taxation curriculum to satisfy the 150-credit hour requirement to sit for New York’s CPA examination, it also requires taxation graduate students to complete a robust “Professional and Business Core” that covers marketing strategy, information technology, and financial management. This trenchant combination of curricular breadth and depth expertly trains students for executive roles in the public, private, and non-profit sectors alike.
Tuition and Fees: $17,385/yr
Score: 63.26

38. University of Mississippi

University, MS

Master of Taxation

With 10 consecutive years of top national rankings (courtesy of the Public Accountancy Report), the University of Mississippi’s Patterson School of Accounting should be high on the list of anyone seeking a top graduate degree in taxation. Not only is the Patterson School home of the National Library of the Accounting Profession, a universally celebrated institution containing “essentially every accounting title in the English language,” but it is also a leader in CPA preparation. Students who sign up for CPA prep (and benefit from the expert faculty who teach them) can even receive credit for the course “Accountancy Problems,” which in turn counts as an elective toward their taxation degree.
Tuition and Fees: $14,059/yr
Score: 64.52

37. Golden Gate University-San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

Master of Science in Taxation

Owing to its reputation for pragmatic education, professional faculty, and consistent placement rates at the “Big Four” accountancy firms (PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and KPNG), Golden Gate University-San Francisco has rightfully earned the top taxation degree ranking from GGU is also known for its excellent career development and placement support, which includes job search workshops as well as resume writing sessions and interview coaching. From internships to university-hosted networking events, GGU practically hands students a career on a silver platter, setting them up for nearly guaranteed success in the taxation industry after graduation.
Tuition and Fees: $16,830/yr
Score: 66.81

36. University of San Diego

San Diego, CA

Master of Science in Accountancy and Taxation

Whether you are looking to ascend the corporate ladder to an executive role or are just stepping up onto the first rung, the University of San Diego’s Master of Science in Accountancy and Taxation program is sure to provide both the challenge and opportunities you need to succeed. San Diego’s expert faculty work continually to ensure the curriculum is up to date and relevant for the current business climate. These same faculty also work closely—and even individually—with business students to provide actionable instruction and mentorship every step of the way. As if that weren’t enough, students earning their master’s degree in taxation can even study abroad to gain insight into global best practices in financial accounting.
Tuition and Fees: $25,192/yr
Score: 67.90

35. California State University-Northridge

Northridge, CA

Master of Science in Taxation

In just 18 months, you could increase your salary by over 26% with an accredited master’s degree in taxation from California State University-Northridge’s Tseng College of Graduate Education. From a close-knit cohort program to actively practicing faculty members, the department deftly balances student support and education with professional networking opportunities to optimize the viability of your degree. Students are even work with designated program managers and faculty members to provide one-on-one guidance and mentorship throughout the entire program. This kind of direct attention translates to student success in many ways; in addition to pay gains mentioned above, 86% of students from Northridge’s class of 2014 have “received a promotion or a raise upon graduation.”
Tuition and Fees: $12,299/yr
Score: 74.33

34. Fairleigh Dickinson University

Teaneck, NJ

MS in Taxation

As the oldest and largest Masters of Science in Taxation program in the state of New Jersey, Fairleigh Dickinson University’s top taxation degree ranking is hardly unexpected. FDU’s targeted taxation curriculum is designed to meet the needs of both seasoned professionals as well as recent college graduates by providing a thorough account of both the theoretical and practical challenges that face practicing accountants, attorneys, and financial planners today. From corporate and international tax regulations and procedures to the operation of tax-exempt organizations, FDU hones students’ expertise in virtually every facet of modern taxation.
Tuition and Fees: $22,220/yr
Score: 76.25

33. Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University, MS

Master of Taxation

Given the volatile nature of tax laws and regulations at the state, federal, and international level, aspiring taxation professionals would do well to seek the absolute best taxation graduate degree they can afford. Mississippi State University’s ranking on our list is representative of just that crucial ratio of value to price. At only $13K a year, MSU’s Master of Taxation program actually adds onto students’ professional and academic business experience to not only inform students of the latest best practices and standards in the field, but also to help them adapt to the evolving tax environment they are bound to face in their career.
Tuition and Fees: $13,822/yr
Score: 76.65

32. Wayne State University

Detroit, MI

Master of Science in Taxation (M.S.T.)

Wayne State University welcomes accounting students and professional CPAs who are looking to expand their expertise to include the complex minutiae of political and public policy-driven taxation. WSU’s Mike Ilitch School of Business offers one of the best interdisciplinary master’s degrees in taxation, combining accounting, law, and public policy to encourage students to develop broad expertise in the field. Courses in the taxation program target the needs of working professionals by featuring practical problem solving and analysis exercises, while open discussions gives students the opportunity to benefit not just from the experience and expertise of faculty, but their fellow classmates as well.
Tuition and Fees: $24,112/yr
Score: 81.87

31. University of Arkansas-Little Rock

Little Rock, AR

Master of Science in Taxation (MST)

For aspiring and/or ambitious tax professionals located in Arkansas, there is truly only one choice: the accredited master’s degree in taxation at the University of Arkansas-Little Rock. With the only “all-tax” program in the state, Little Rock is devoted to accommodating students from all walks of life and at any stage of their career with its comprehensive, practice-oriented taxation curriculum. Students can start their education at Little Rock at the beginning of any semester, while evening courses (which often end in tax-season) give working professionals much-needed flexibility.
Tuition and Fees: $13,432/yr
Score: 82.69

30. University of Alabama

Tuscaloosa, AL

Master of Tax Accounting

The University of Alabama’s unique Master of Tax Accounting offers the best of both worlds: a comprehensive tax education as well as a thorough introduction to accounting theory. While taxation and accounting are never far apart in any business school, Alabama’s Culverhouse College of Commerce combines them to great effect. By providing students with a broad toolset in both fields, Alabama prepares students to face emergent challenges in the rapidly changing business world. As a result, students are able to effectively double their technical fluency in this program, which enables them to conduct research and analyze data in legal, accounting, and taxation fields with equal ease.
Tuition and Fees: $18,060/yr
Score: 83.10

29. Removed by editor.


28. City University of New York-Bernard M Baruch College

New York, NY

MS in Taxation

The field of taxation provides a wide range of lucrative career opportunities, from private practice in an accounting firm to in-house work at a corporation or even governmental work in auditing. Students who are looking to break into this competitive industry from another field would do well to consider the City University of New York-Bernard M Baruch College’s MS in Taxation program. Since CUNY’s Zicklin School of Business doesn’t require a business or accounting background for admission to its taxation program (and is available on either a full- or part-time basis), it is perfectly suited for students of all backgrounds.
Tuition and Fees: $14,733/yr
Score: 87.20

27. DePaul University

, IL

Taxation (MS)

Built in 1913, DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business has been shaping the future of commerce and industry in this country (and internationally) for over a century. In other words, Kellstadt is home to one of the best graduate degrees in taxation— and is a natural choice for tax and accounting professionals looking to rise in the ranks of their organization. Few other institutions can match DePaul’s cadre of internationally recognized faculty, curricular depth and rigor, or name recognition value. In fact, DePaul’s career services system, Handshake, is probably worth the price of admission alone, connecting 97% of Kellstadt graduates to jobs in their field within a year of graduation.
Tuition and Fees: $18,330/yr
Score: 87.58

26. Bryant University

Smithfield, RI

The Master of Science in Taxation (MST)

Taxation is a high-stakes game with an increasingly vast network of rules and regulations; a rudimentary understanding of the Internal Revenue Code is not sufficient for leadership roles in business anymore! Bryant University’s top MS in Taxation provides professional accountants, attorneys, and finance specialists with the comprehensive knowledge and skillsets they need to become competent and well-rounded taxation specialists. Expert faculty guide students through complex case analysis to build strong fluency and awareness of current tax code and procedures. At the same time, students take in-depth technical courses in order to develop the independent research and critical thinking skills they will need to get ahead.
Tuition and Fees: $26,832/yr
Score: 87.73

25. Suffolk University

Boston, MA

Master of Science in Taxation (MST)

With the only AACSB-International accredited graduate degree in taxation in the entire city of Boston, Suffolk University is a leading resource for students and professionals looking to expand their understanding of, and facility with, tax codes and procedures. In addition to its traditional MST-only degree program, Suffolk is unique in that it also offers a variety of dual-degree and accelerated degree options. From MBA/MST pairings to accelerated MSTs for attorneys and accountants, Suffolk’s diverse set of offerings allows working professionals with a variety of backgrounds to easily take advantage of Boston’s top taxation program.
Tuition and Fees: $31,170/yr
Score: 92.85

24. Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration

Troy, MI

Master of Science in Taxation

In 2012, Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration earned a top taxation degree ranking from TaxTalent, which was based on a survey of over 3,000 professionals with MST degrees. This ranking is reflective of Walsh’s continually revised curriculum, prestigious alumni network (including partners at Deloitte and PricewaterhouseCoopers), and exhaustive career services program. And like the University of Mississippi, Walsh is also home to a nationally recognized tax library on its Troy campus. In addition to its huge collection of hardbound volumes, Walsh’s Tax Library features a digital portal with access to research periodicals available to “all Internet users.”
Tuition and Fees: $12,945/yr
Score: 93.92

23. Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ

Mtax Degree

According to both U.S. News and The Public Accounting Report, Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business is one of the most highly ranked graduate schools in the entire country. As an added bonus, it is also one of the most convenient! ASU students can complete a universally celebrated Master of Taxation degree program in as little as nine months, or they can extend their graduation timeline to accommodate work or travel schedules (for the particularly ambitious, ASU also offers a joint MTax and Master of Legal Studies program). And with a nearly 100% placement rate within 90 days of graduation, students don’t have to wait to enjoy the fruits of their labors.
Tuition and Fees: $17,289/yr
Score: 94.14

22. Loyola Marymount University

Los Angeles, CA

Master of Laws (Tax LLM)

While selectivity may be enough to earn a high ranking from U.S. News or Forbes, it doesn’t necessarily correlate to high quality education. At Loyola Marymount University, however, low admission rates to the Tax LLM program are an indication of a meaningful, impactful experience. That is, LMU intentionally admits a low percentage of students in order to keep class sizes small, thus promoting more intimate and meaningful instruction at the classroom level and greater support resources for each student at the administrative level. LMU also provides three full merit-based scholarships to tax students every year – and considering the low admission rates, those who are accepted have a decent shot at one of these lucrative awards.
Tuition and Fees: $17,599/yr
Score: 95.48

21. California State University-Fullerton

Fullerton, CA

MS in Taxation

California State University-Fullerton makes it easy to develop a robust working knowledge of modern tax theory and practice thanks to its comprehensive MS in Taxation program. Whether admitted students have a business or accounting background or not, CSU Fullerton can accommodate their needs and adjust to their knowledge-level in order to best prepare them for the CPA examination – and beyond! In fact, CSU Fullerton offers two distinct tracks for full-time students and working professionals. While both programs are suitable for recent graduates and experienced tax and financial specialists alike, the latter option features evening classes and part-time scheduling for students who need additional flexibility.
Tuition and Fees: $12,167/yr
Score: 96.27

20. Fordham University

Bronx, NY


Don’t be fooled; while Fordham University’s main campus may be way out in the Bronx, the Gabelli School of Business is set right in the center of Manhattan, just minutes from the financial district. And indeed, many of the Gabelli School’s professors are also leaders in business and finance, commuting between Wall Street and the Fordham business campus every week. But that’s only one small aspect of what makes Fordham’s MST one of the best taxation graduate degrees in the country. In addition to the world-class education it offers in corporate accounting and international tax law, Fordham’s signature emphasis on business communications helps students take advantage of the exciting opportunities right in their backyard.
Tuition and Fees: $31,713/yr
Score: 96.95

19. Grand Valley State University

Allendale, MI

MST Program

The Seidman Graduate Programs at Grand Valley State University offer a rewarding opportunity to advance your career standing in two years or less. In particular, students with an undergraduate accounting or business background can expect to complete a Seidman MST Program in just a year and a half of full-time study! And unlike programs of comparable size and cost, GVSU allows students to actually direct their own individualized coursework in order to tailor the program to their specific career goals. Understanding that it would be nearly impossible for one degree to cover every possible topic and subtopic, GVSU works with students to develop independent research projects, theses, and self-selected case analyses in areas where established course material is insufficient.
Tuition and Fees: $16,972/yr
Score: 99.19

18. Northeastern University

Boston, MA

MS in Taxation

Designed by tax professionals and for tax professionals, the top MS in Taxation program at Northeastern University is the perfect way to build on existing work and educational experience in an increasingly complex and competitive workforce. This part-time program consists of evening classes located at the university’s Financial District Campus and offers flexible week-to-week scheduling to accommodate students’ demanding work schedules. In just 30-credit hours, this program helps students develop essential professional communications and management skills and even qualifies them to sit for the CPA exam (presuming they also possess a bachelor’s degree in accounting).
Tuition and Fees: $22,061/yr
Score: 101.2

17. University of Texas-Arlington

Arlington, TX

Master of Science in Taxation

With a top ten graduate taxation degree ranking from for several years running, it’s no surprise that the University of Texas-Arlington is so high on our list. This professional taxation program takes a focused approach, augmenting students’ prior undergraduate accounting coursework to establish their expertise specifically in taxation. UT-Arlington also allows taxation students to further specialize by consolidating their elective coursework into a single field. In this way, students can burnish their degree with a secondary concentration in Economics, Finance, Information Systems, Management, or Marketing. Armed with specialized yet multidisciplinary skillsets, students can ultimately leverage their expertise into a rewarding career in the industry of their choice.
Tuition and Fees: $12,394/yr
Score: 103.8

16. Weber State University

Ogden, UT

Master of Taxation

As the only AACSB-International accredited MS in taxation in the state of Utah, there’s no better place for accounting, finance, and business professionals to become tax experts than at Weber State University. With night classes, flexible scheduling, and part-time options, this thoughtfully-designed program works hard to accommodate working students. WSU’s Master of Taxation program also helps students augment their income to well above the national average for associated degrees (i.e., Accounting, Marketing, IT Management), and post-grad salaries often start $52,000 a year or more. Along with unbelievably low tuition rates, this makes WSU an indisputable leader in best value graduate taxation programs.
Tuition and Fees: $10,669/yr
Score: 106.0

15. Georgia State University

Atlanta, GA

Master of Taxation

In business, success often comes down to who you know, not just what you can do. Fortunately, Georgia State University has developed a reputation among local and national accounting firms for taking care of both contingent factors through its top taxation graduate degree program. In addition to providing some of the latest and most exhaustive taxation curricula in the country, GSU helps taxation students build their networks through executive guest lecturers; visits to corporate offices at companies like Porsche and Chik-fil-A; and even personalized, one-on-one career advising services to make sure they are on the path to success.
Tuition and Fees: $16,753/yr
Score: 109.2

14. Florida Atlantic University

Boca Raton, FL

Master of Tax

With its Master of Tax and Executive Master of Taxation Programs, Florida Atlantic University enables busy professionals to get ahead with the most flexible and affordable interactive digital classroom platforms available. While the former program is available in a hybrid online format—combining e-learning coursework with in-person classes and seminars—the latter exists exclusively in a digital format to accommodate even the most demanding work schedules. But regardless of their virtual or in-person attendance, all students in this nationally ranked (U.S. News, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Military Times) program must meet high academic standards – not just to graduate, but to earn admission in the first place!
Tuition and Fees: $12,271/yr
Score: 110.8

13. University of Denver

Denver, CO

Graduate Tax Program

Top national job placement rates; robust financial aid through merit- and need-based grants and scholarships; and an accelerated, year-long graduation timeline are just a few of the reasons the University of Denver stands at lucky #13 – not just on our own list, but also on The National Jurist’s top taxation degree ranking. As one of the oldest and largest such MS in Taxation programs in the country, Denver’s Graduate Tax Program is a tried-and-true route to executive positions in accounting/tax firms, government agencies, and corporate finance. Denver has also recently launched an online delivery format for this popular program in order to be more flexible for working professionals.
Tuition and Fees: $43,458/yr
Score: 111.6

12. University of Miami

Coral Gables, FL

Master of Science in Taxation

Taxation specialists are in high demand in today’s economy, as regulations constantly threaten to strangle businesses that do not stay up-to-date on the latest developments and best practices. With a Master of Science in Taxation from the University of Miami, it’s easy to become an asset to top corporations and accounting firms around the country. This top taxation graduate degree grants students not only extensive knowledge of federal and state tax codes, but it also develops their taxation research abilities, giving them the confidence to tackle any new challenge or task put before them – even ones they’ve never seen before.
Tuition and Fees: $34,248/yr
Score: 115.6

11. American University

Washington, D.C.

Masters in Taxation Program

The top Masters degree in Taxation Program at American University opens the door for its students to a daunting range of career possibilities, from entrepreneurship in new territory to promotions at their current firms. Thanks to outreach and internship opportunities at the Kogod Tax Center, American MST students are able to develop professional skills and accrue valuable contacts while they are still in school, leading to exceptional employment outcomes. In fact, 99% of American MST graduates from 2012, 2013, and 2014 reported a “positive career outcome” after graduation (i.e., they were hired/promoted, started a business, or continued their education), while the remaining percent sought opportunities in new fields.
Tuition and Fees: $27,898/yr
Score: 115.7

10. State University of New York-Albany

Albany, NY

M.S. in Taxation

State University of New York-Albany’s M.S. in Taxation is among the best taxation master’s degrees for accounting graduates and professionals vying for coveted roles in accounting firms, government organizations, and private industry. In just one year, Albany students can earn an accredited degree from a nationally ranked university that will develop their expertise in every facet of taxation, including state, corporate, and gift/estate tax policy. This not only prepares them to meet the 150-credit hour requirement for CPA examination, but it also makes them excellent candidates for any of the nearly 20 top-tier firms and organizations which recruit directly from the Albany campus every semester.
Tuition and Fees: $18,147/yr
Score: 118.7

9. University of Akron

Akron, OH

Master of Taxation (Mtax)

The University of Akron may offer the only graduate degree in taxation in the region, but it’s certainly not wanting for alternatives. Available in two highly flexible formats – the MTax, which offers once-weekly night classes, and the MTax Direct, which utilizes an online delivery format—Akron’s advanced tax program is designed with accountants in mind to optimize cost, convenience, and value. In just 15 to 21 months, students with prior accounting backgrounds can develop meaningful tax problem solving experience and graduate with strong expertise in topics such as state and federal taxes and tax planning.
Tuition and Fees: $12,068/yr
Score: 120.4

8. Northern Illinois University

DeKalb, IL

Master of Science in Taxation (MST)

For students or professionals looking to take the CPA examination for the first time, Northern Illinois University’s accredited MS in Taxation is the most direct path to licensure. With a CPA exam pass-rate ranked first in the state for master degree first-time test takers, Northern Illinois beats out even top universities like University of Illinois- and Urbana-Champaign. While these taxation graduates owe their success primarily to their own hard work, NIU owes its exceptional reputation, at least in part, to a cast of national award-winning faculty members who challenge their students to be uncompromising in their pursuit of success.
Tuition and Fees: $16,450/yr
Score: 120.8

7. Bentley University

Waltham, MA

Masters in Taxation

As the largest taxation program in New England, Bentley University’s Masters in Taxation is a well-known program with alumni in executive positions in some of the top companies in the world. Bentley’s 3,000 MST alumni comprise one of the largest and most diverse networks in the field, providing students with ample recruiting and placement opportunities at the likes of Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and Fidelity Investments. But these companies aren’t enthusiastic about Bentley students on the basis of name recognition or nepotism alone; thanks to Bentley’s emphasis on strategic tax planning, ethical leadership, and subfield certification, graduates of this top MS in taxation program are universally regarded as highly valuable future executives.
Tuition and Fees: $33,075/yr
Score: 122.4

6. University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA

Master of Business Taxation

Consistently ranked in the top ten graduate accounting schools in the country by U.S. News, the University of Southern California’s Leventhal School of Accounting would top anyone’s list of the best institutions to earn an accredited master’s degree in taxation. USC’s program sets itself apart from standard MS in Accounting degrees by focusing primarily on business; technical tax issues are only one—albeit significant—feature of the MBT degree. Students in this program are also required to undergo robust professional development training, perform substantial independent research, and demonstrate ethical leadership and global/intercultural awareness.
Tuition and Fees: $40,670/yr
Score: 126.6

5. University of Illinois

Champaign/, IL

MS Tax Program in

Like the MBT program at USC, the ILLINOIS MS Tax Program in is one of the best master’s degrees in taxation available when it comes to progressive and comprehensive education. To meet the growing demand for multi-faceted business experts, the University of Illinois incorporates a broad business perspective into its taxation curriculum, combining technical tax code expertise with strategic business planning, professional communications, information technology, and management techniques. Working together in a small cohorts that average just 30 students, MST candidates at Illinois help each other grow into business leaders through collaborative, project-based learning.
Tuition and Fees: $24,636/yr
Score: 132.8

4. University of North Texas

Denton, TX

MS in Taxation

If statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor are any indication, demand for tax specialists has never been higher. At the same time, expectations for these same specialists have never been more diverse; from tax preparation and compliance to auditing and fraud detection, tax specialists are performing more roles in more industries than ever before. Fortunately, the University of North Texas offers a top MS in Taxation that spans federal and state taxation, corporate governance, special interest groups and tax-exempt organizations, and more to prepare the next generation of tax specialists to meet – and even exceed – these heightened expectations.
Tuition and Fees: $10,675/yr
Score: 135.1

3. Villanova University

Villanova, PA

Master of Taxation

Drawing from both the School of Law and the Villanova School of Business, Villanova University’s “interdisciplinary Graduate Tax Program” prepares students to meet the complex needs of a diverse set of clientele, including governmental agencies, international corporations, and even individuals. The eclectic faculty consists almost entirely of professional tax attorneys and accountants who promote real-world perspectives and contribute diverse course offerings in tax planning and policy – all invaluable aspects of any professional education. As a result, Master of Taxation Students emerge from Villanova University with not only a top taxation graduate degree, but also the confidence and awareness to apply their knowledge to practice.
Tuition and Fees: $17,219/yr
Score: 144.4

2. San Jose State University

San Jose, CA

MS Taxation Program

To most people, an MBA is impressive; to businesspeople, an MST is impressive. Stand out from the crowd with a Master’s of Science in Taxation from San Jose University, one of the best taxation graduate degrees for any ambitious business professional. SJU’s flexible program provides students with unparalleled expertise in the most treacherous and confounding (i.e., the most important) details of tax law and procedure, making them an indispensible resource to any business around the world. From CPA’s to BSA’s, anyone looking to make a name for themselves in accounting, finance, or law can’t afford to miss out on such an opportunity.
Tuition and Fees: $13,108/yr
Score: 148.7

1. University of Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN

Master of Business Taxation

What does it take to be considered the #1 best taxation master’s degree in the country? At the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management, graduate tax students can expect the very best, and only the best. This includes expert faculty comprised of top researchers and adjuncts/fellows from the business community, networking and recruitment opportunities through the Twin Cities’ expansive tax industry, and a rigorous curriculum that is worth more than the sum of its parts. And with such reasonable tuition rates, it’s hard to imagine a reason not to choose the University of Minnesota for your taxation education needs.
Tuition and Fees: $21,621/yr
Score: 150.0

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