What type of job titles should I be looking for with an accounting degree? This is question that most people ask when they are interested in pursuing a career in the accounting field. Though this answer may seem simple on the surface, there are several factors that should be considered when an individual is trying to make their decision.

Accounting Positions are Available in Diverse Settings

One of the first things that prospective accountants should consider is the wide diversity of settings that they can work in. Since there are many different types of accounting positions available in the private sector, government agencies, schools, non-profit organizations and many more settings that require an accountant to assist with their financial needs. Because the primary function of these professionals is to crunch numbers, balance budgets, handle taxes, and ensure payroll is distributed on time, they are often an intricate part of any company’s team. In addition to handling the current financial activities, this is the group of professionals who can also assist with insuring the company or individual is secure in a wide diversity of areas including making various kinds of investments and tracking the value of their retirement funds. Therefore, it is important for each individual to know a little more about the background of accountants and their activities, while they are also reviewing the associated job titles. The current list of job titles includes the accounting manager, staff accountant, controller, assistant controller, accountant consultant, investment accounting consultant, internal control consultant, senior consultant auditor, accounting coordinator, accounting instructor, accounting technician, cost accounting technician. While the above list is not exhaustive, here’s three job titles with a brief description of each.

Accounting Assistant

The primary role of an Accounting Assistant involves assisting in a wide diversity of accounting activities including the preparation, verification and maintenance of general accounting documents and functions. The job that these professionals perform is assisting in reconciling bank accounts for both incoming as well as outgoing funds.

Cost Accounting Manager

Cost Accounting Managers are responsible for overseeing a wide variety of different accounting activities including Financial Planning & Analysis, reporting, financial systems implementations, process documentation and design, project management and Interim and Gap financial management. Therefore, they must be well-versed in many different areas of cost accounting if they want to be successful in managing this group of professionals.

Certified Public Accountants

The certified public accountant is responsible for analyzing as well as preparing financial reports for both individuals as well as for companies that need assistance. To ensure their clients do not have any discrepancies, their role involves auditing the company’s reports for numerous types of compliance issues.

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What type of job titles should I be looking for with an accounting degree? Though this may be a question that many people ask prior to pursuing a career in the accounting field, the answer usually varies based on several different factors. One of which involves deciding what area of the accounting industry that the person is seeking to work in. From holding an assistant accountant position in a private firm to earning the position as a certified public accountant in a large corporation, there is a wide host of accounting jobs available in the industry.