Accounting graduates who aspire to careers in public service might want to get an accounting job with the US Treasury. Though it’s not often though to of as a top destination for those with advanced accounting skills, the US Department of the Treasury routinely hires large numbers of accountants to perform some of the nation’s most pressing and consequential financial documents. The agency hires accountants with advanced degrees and significant experience in tax policy, public accounting, and budgeting. In order to land a job with this expansive agency, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Make Sure to Have at Least a Master’s in Accountancy

The accounting work done by the Department of the Treasury is some of the most important work performed at the federal level. Much of this work is devoted to setting accounting policy and best practices, assisting other federal agencies with document preparation and analysis, and providing sound budgetary information to elected officials. Because of the high stakes of a treasury job, the agency typically requires at last a Master’s of Accountancy degree of its new hires. This degree must be from a regionally accredited institution of higher education; the most successful applicants should hold such a degree from an AACSB-accredited business school as well.

Get Familiar with the Office of Accounting Policy

Though there are many accounting jobs throughout the Department of the Treasury, the single largest area of employment within the agency is the Office of Accounting Policy. This office is as significant as its name might suggest. The Office of Accounting Policy determines best practices and GAAP principles for the Treasury, the Office of Management and Budget, the Financial Management Service, and several other departments central to the nation’s finances.

Accountants who work in this capacity will also work on the Financial Report of the United States Government, an annual document that documents and declares the nation’s financial position. Preparation of this report requires hundreds of accountants working together over the course of a single year, and often results in more than 1,000 pages of financial documentation and disclosures. The report also requires interaction with other government agencies, including the OMB and Financial Management Service. Because of this job’s importance and high level of sophistication, it’s generally the most popular position applied for by graduate-level accounting graduates.

Bring Extensive Work Experience to a Treasury Interview

The Department of the Treasury is not typically regarded as a source of employment for entry-level accounting professionals. Because of the high stakes associated with the nation’s finances and its financial disclosures, the agency prefers to hire those applicants who bring extensive private or public sector experience along with them. This experience doesn’t necessarily have to be related to public accounting, but it should be relevant to accounting at large.

Tax accounting, public and corporate accounting, or even forensic services and auditing, will all satisfy the agency’s desire to employ seasoned accountants. Experience in management, finance, or other non-accounting skills may not be considered as desirable for a job within the Office of Accounting Policy.

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An Exciting Way to Leverage Accounting Education and Experience

The Office of Accounting Policy is a key part of the federal government, representing one of the single biggest offices within the Department of the Treasury. According to US News and World Report, talented and experienced accountants who wish to get an accounting job with the US Treasury should make sure that they bring education, experience, and a fondness for public policy development, as they interview for this position and become part of this high-stakes office.