Do you want to earn your Master’s in Accounting degree online? If you are currently working as an accounting professional with a Bachelor’s degree, the next step to advance your career begins when you advance your degree. By earning a Master’s, you can satisfy the CPA testing requirements in any state and also build your technical skills within the discipline. Unfortunately, many individuals simply do not have time to attend a traditional Master’s in Accounting program while they are working. Luckily, there are several different programs that are offered entirely online that students can complete during their free time at night or on the weekends. Read on, and learn more about earning an accounting degree online.


What Are the Prerequisite Requirements to Enter Into a Master’s Degree Program Online?

Admissions councils take the student selection process very seriously, even at online colleges. If you would like to study for your Master’s in Accounting online, you need to know the admissions requirements first. Competition to be admitted into an Accounting program is fierce, so your undergraduate academic performance plays a major role in your chances of being accepted. Typically, your grades in introductory courses like financial accounting and management accounting will be reviewed to determine if you are prepared for more advanced graduate degree coursework.

In addition to reviewing your GPA to get a feel for your academic performance, another factor that will be considered if your scores on the Graduate Record Examination. Most admissions councils publish their GRE score requirements, so it is best to familiarize yourself with the minimum score requirements before you apply. In some scenarios, your professional experience in Accounting can be reviewed to determine if you have the right background.

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Are Master’s Degree Programs Held Online Accredited?

Taking an accredited degree program is very important when you are studying to earn your Master’s in Accounting. Not only do you need an accredited degree for employers to recognize your degree, CPA regulations in every state require candidates to hold a degree that is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. There is a major misconception surrounding program accreditation. Many students believe that only traditional Accounting programs are accredited, but this is not the case. In fact, there are several top-level colleges and universities with accredited online programs that meet the requirements to test for your CPA license.

If you would like to find accredited programs that are held by regionally accredited schools, you can easily find a list of all of the active programs by visiting the search database of the AACSB. The list includes both online and traditional on-campus programs, and can be narrowed by selecting the program type, major and format. The quickest way to find accredited programs will be to select the online format category.

If you want to earn your Master’s to satisfy the credit hour requirements to test for your CPA, or you want to become an expert in Accountancy, earning your online degree could be the best option. With the demand for accountants with a graduate-level degree expected to rise in the upcoming decade, now is the best time to graduate from a business school. Compare all of the online colleges and universities offering online programs. If you do your homework prior to applying, you can find the best Master’s in Accounting degree online program and complete it.