For those who aspire to achieve the security and personal pride which comes with landing a job in the accounting world, a college degree seems to be agreed upon as an essential first step.


Our lives outside of schooling, though, with their pace constantly accelerating, in many cases can make the traditional school setting an extreme inconvenience. More and more potential scholars have begun considering online education as a flexible solution to their packed schedules and meager incomes. Even so, the question at hand: is accounting a discipline which is included in this solution? Is it possible to earn a degree in accounting through an online school?

Yes, Online Accounting Degrees Are Offered

An enormous variety of degree programs can be accessed through the Internet. Being one of today’s most in-demand degrees, accounting is definitely a field of study which online universities offer. Curriculum crafted by these institutions is meant to replicate the course work and rigor of the physical classroom, while maintaining the benefits that come with personalized scheduling and a home environment. Enrolled students are able to earn their bachelor’s and master’s degrees at a distance, and course material is geared with consideration toward CPA certification. Quality programs enrich students through such methods as video lectures, web conferences, student/teacher forums, and easy communication with professors and classmates.

Yes, Online Accounting Degrees Are Numerous

Along with strictly online universities which have risen to the occasion, acclaimed traditional schools—even Harvard—have branched into the realm of what is also referred to as distance learning. With geographical location immaterial, an online student is no longer limited by his or her physical proximity. Rather, any prospective student with a consistent Internet connection is able to gain access to an extensive assortment of options. High in demand with government and independent employers alike, accounting degree programs are among the most commonly offered through both online and traditional schooling. Prospective students are encouraged by career advisors to take the quality of a program into careful consideration before enrolling. CNN provides more information about assessing the legitimacy of an institution, as well as about employer opinion concerning distance education.

Yes, Online Accounting Degrees Are Affordable

Federal funding, understandably, is more difficult to obtain when planning to enroll into a distance learning program. Many online courses are not properly accredited for financial aid, or they may not meet the requirements for eligibility. As such, a great deal of online education may need to be paid by the student, whether through his or her own funds or through private loans. Generally, however, online education is more affordable as compared to the extra, residence-related fees charged by on-campus programs. Such expenses as campus amenities and mandatory meal plans, for example, are irrelevant to online students.

With that information in mind, earning a degree in accounting through the Internet is not only doable, but it is also in some instances more manageable and more cost effective than through traditional means. Given that you, as the student, take care in selecting quality education and in putting forth effort, there is little reason why an online degree should not make you a valuable asset in the business world.