If you are pursuing a degree in accounting, you are probably familiar with the fact that accounting is a very broad term and you can find a position in the public, private or non-profit sector. While there are a wide variety of different career paths that you can take once you earn your accounting degree, for many the ultimate dream is to land a position with the government agency that revolves around all of the accounting principles: the IRS. If an accounting job with the IRS is your goal, it is important to learn how you can land a stable position where there is plenty of room for growth. Here are some valuable tips on how to take the right path to ensure that you are a candidate that the IRS wants to recruit.

Why to Pursue an Accounting Position with the IRS

One of the greatest things about the Internal Revenue Service is the fact that there are positions available for new graduates with no experience and experienced accounting professionals who are looking for advanced opportunities. For those who have dreamed of entering the field of accounting, the IRS is one of the largest financial institutions in the world where you can become an expert in your specialty. The agency works very hard to train every employee, and you can use all of that training you receive to become an expert and advance rapidly in the industry. If you are a US citizen and recent graduate with at least 30 hours of accounting courses, you may qualify to work with the IRS. It is no wonder why this agency is one of the largest single employers of accountants in all of the sectors.

Earning Your Accounting Degree or Completing Coursework

You do not necessarily have to have an accounting degree to meet entry-level accounting job requirements with the IRS. While a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting will strengthen your chances of getting hired as an entry-level accounting professional, if you have completed some accounting coursework and you have experience in the field you may qualify for an auditing or investigative position. The agency is very open to hiring students for their first real jobs and training these students and new graduates to become strong accounting professionals. If you have completed at least 30 hours of coursework, get prepared for the application process and you could be one step closer to impressing IRS recruiters.

Preparing to Become a Student Employee

The IRS takes the application process very seriously, and if you do not pay close attention, you might disqualify yourself from an entry-level position by making careless errors and oversights. Here are some preparation tips to keep in mind:

–Complete separate application forms for each position you are interested in
–Verify that you meet the experience and educational requirements of each position
–Check tax compliance because a background check is conducted
–Apply at the start of your fall semester as a senior so that you have ample time

With the right experience and completed coursework, you can find a stable position with the IRS. Set your goals, research requirements, and achieve your goals so that you can become a professional and eventually an accounting expert.