If you want to both teach and become a master’s in accounting, you may be interested in learning how you can become a professor who specializes in graduate accounting coursework. Those who have a passion for numbers but also have a passion for educating can truly benefit from choosing a hybrid career where they are able to use all of their talents to their advantage. Before you can apply for positions at any business schools or graduate schools that are known for their accounting programs, you will need to get qualified by completing formal education programs yourself. Read on, and find out what degree you will need to instruct students pursuing a Master’s or MBA in Accounting.

Ask Yourself the Important Questions First

Before you decide to go to school to earn a doctorate, you should determine just you would like to do as an accounting professor. Do you want to be a researcher who participates in projects that can influence the future of the discipline or would you prefer to work on a part-time basis without being a tenured faculty member? The degree that is needed to work as an adjunct professor who works on an as needed basis is much different than that which is needed to work as a full-time research professor. This is why you need to know all of the avenues before you decide which path to take.

Choosing the Right Degree Path When You Want to Research

If you would like to work as a full-time professor who can make a dramatic difference conducting research that is relevant to the field of accounting, you will need to eventually earn a PhD in Accounting. Doctoral programs in accounting are focused on advanced curriculum and on the research methods, preparations and qualifications.

Teaching Full-time Without a Research Focus

It is also possible to teach at a large college or university on a full-time basis when you possess a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). Since this degree does not require the research component, you will not be qualified for research-level roles. If you do decide to skip the PhD program and complete a DBA program, it will focus more on theoretical knowledge and how this knowledge is used in a business setting. While you can become an educator with a DBA, you will also be qualified to pursue jobs as a consultant, accounting manager, administrator, and even a expert author.

What Other Requirements Exist?

You are not just required to have a post-secondary education, you are also required to have professional experience to demonstrate your expertise in accounting. In fact, some educators will become qualified with a lower-level degree and more years of professional experience. It is said that experts with 7 to 10 years of experience in the field and a Master’s degree may be able to land positions as a graduate-level professor. They will need to possess their certification and be able to show that they have made a contribution in the field.

To be an effective professor who is teaching graduate students, you need to be a confident and effective communicator. You will also need to have a passion for instructing students to become future accountants. Make sure that you know that you want to teach graduate accounting courses before you pursue higher education, and then you can map out the right route.

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