Many college students dream of landing their dream job at one of the big four accounting firms. When starting out at one of these firms, a working age person will be well on their way to a successful career. Of course, it is difficult to land a job at these coveted firms without preparing for the process. Here are five tips for a person who wants to find a p0sition at one of the big four accounting firms.


When looking for employment in the accounting field, one must have the necessary qualifications. Fortunately, when looking at a resume, most hiring managers will look, in detail, at the qualifications of the prospective employee while only skimming over other subjects. This is a serious advantage for an applicant who has excellent grades in accounting and finance classes. Remember, when attempting to land a job at one of these organizations, one must have the basic qualifications and skills; otherwise a candidate will not stand a chance.

Top school

Many students have exceptional grades and the drive to succeed. Unfortunately, when attending a small school with little clout, a job seeker may miss out on opportunities. Ideally, when looking to get into the big four, one should attend a well-known school with national recognition. Now, some people may feel that this is not entirely fair, and they are right. However, when looking to get one’s foot in the door, it is necessary to attend recruiting events and job fairs that held on the campuses of the major universities across the United States.


As mentioned, a recruiter will look, in detail, at an applicant’s grades. Fortunately, one can slack in some of their classes as long as they have solid marks in account and finance classes. However, one should, ideally, have excellent grades in every subject as the interviewer will appreciate an applicant who took his or her education seriously.


A lot of young people do not know the value of an internship. When working for a company during the summer, one can gain plenty of work experience while networking with hiring managers and bosses. Luckily, when in school, one should have no trouble finding an internship at a solid accounting organization. When looking, a student should not fear working for a small firm where one can learn more about the industry and network with people. With a solid internship on a resume, a job seeker will have a serious advantage over recent graduates who only have experience within a classroom setting.


When applying for a job, one must have a decent resume. To create a solid CV, one should speak to people in the accounting industry. Without a doubt, a serious and well-written resume will help one get an interview with a top firm. In fact, without a decent resume, a job seeker will struggle to land interviews and get his or her foot in the door at most companies.

When following these four tips, a job seeker will have a solid chance at landing their dream job at a big four accounting firm.