If you’re looking for a career in supply chain management, you might be wondering what exactly that means and what that career entails on a daily basis. Like other careers in management, expectations of your daily job could vary greatly from day to day. If you’re looking for a quick-pace, in-demand, team-oriented career, this management position could be for you. This article will address what exactly this career is and what an average day looks like for these types of managers.

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What Is a Supply Chain Manager?

This type of management means being responsible for managing logistical details of a company, like equipment and hardware. These managers are in charge of every step involved in purchasing materials, delivering them, and making sure that the company has enough of these products to meet the company’s or consumers’ demands. Managers in this field are experts at optimizing the steps to producing proper amounts of the right product and delivering it where it needs to go. They are essentially involved in every aspect of getting products where they need to go efficiently and cost-effectively. Employees involved in this chain are also the manager’s responsibility.

What Does It Take to Enter This Field?

If you’re interested in this career, most employers require at least an undergraduate degree in a related field. You must possess certain qualities to do your job properly and have an excellent understanding of things like transport management, geography, and logistics. You must also be able to manage employees effectively, as you’ll be in charge of every aspect of the chain of supply, including the employees involved.

What Would Your Day Look Like?

A typical day for this type of manager involves meetings and lots of paperwork. You must be able to track materials and products from start to finish. You are responsible for monitoring all of the products under your care to ensure the proper supplies are on hand. You would also be responsible for developing delivery systems that maximize product creation and optimize shipping methods.
If you’re looking for a career in this field, you must not only be well versed in the management and development process, but must also be able to bring ideas to life that optimize the company’s product and delivery systems. Whether it’s bringing in newer technology to maximize efficiency or ensuring employees have the proper skills for their job, you’ll be responsible for every aspect of logistics and transport.

Daily tasks for this career can include, but are not limited to, checking emails, reviewing and resolving delivery issues, attending functional team meetings, reviewing and approving documents, and attending meetings with customers and/or suppliers. You must also be able to deal with urgent issues efficiently and effectively, discuss future manufacturing and delivery processes, and ensure employees are doing their jobs properly.

As with other management positions, the need for people to fill these types of careers will only grow. This career requires a particular type of discipline and finesse as you work with companies, customers, and suppliers. Not only are you important to the people around you, but also to the very core of the company. If you’re a natural at logistics, manufacturing processes, managing people, and want to be an imperative part of the team, being a supply chain manager could be perfect for you.