An Associate’s Degree in Accounting can give you the edge to get a start in an accounting career. Accounting is an important aspect of a business’ financial operations, so a love of numbers, math, and calculation are good indicators that pursuing a degree in accounting is the right step for you. Additionally, attention to detail and strong computer skills will be important to success in an accounting program and a future career in the field.

An Associate’s Degree in Accounting is achieved through completing a number of classes related to basic accounting principles, taxes, analysis of financial statements, payroll, statistics, and accounting software and technology. Familiarity with spreadsheets and bookkeeping will be addressed. Communication skills will also be taught and practiced to ensure the graduate will fit into an office or corporate setting. A typical Associate’s Degree in Accounting will take two years or four full semesters of course work. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that over the next 5-6 years, associate’s degrees are more and more likely to set applicants apart from those with only a high school diploma.

How To Find The Top Associate’s Degree in Accounting Programs

To find the best Associate’s Degree in Accounting program, you’ll need to think about your lifestyle, budget, and what other characteristics you need in a program. Some programs can be completed entirely online, or there is the traditional classroom route.

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US Career Institutes is unique because the program can be completed in 16 months as opposed to the traditional two years. The full program is also more affordable than many others. Its Associate’s Degree in Accounting is accredited through the Distance Education and Training Council.

Colorado Technical University may have one of the best online Associate’s Degree in Accounting programs since it received a “Best of the Best” ranking in 2009 from the Computerworld Honors Program. Its program can be completed online or at one of three campuses.

College America offers an Associate’s Degree in Accounting (link) at several of its campuses. They offer students two choices: an accelerated program that can be completed in 15 months, or a slower paced program. These options give students the opportunity to choose the best path to their degree for their lifestyle and schedule.

Careers and Salaries For Someone With an Associate’s Degree in Accounting

Associate’s Degree in Accounting careers are growing at about 14% according to the U.S. BLS, which also predicts continuing growth in the field as stricter financial regulations are implemented in the country. Accounting professionals will be in demand to ensure compliance and accurate financial record keeping.

With an Associate’s Degree in Accounting, you will qualify for careers like bookkeeping, auditing, and accounting clerk positions in a variety of industries from healthcare, to finance, to retail. Accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping work generally takes place in an office setting. Typical job duties in these positions can include: preparing financial statements, updating databases and spreadsheets, balancing debits and credits, and reviewing statements and reports to check for errors or discrepancies. Depending on the industry, accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping clerks can expect to work some overtime: for instance, near tax filing deadlines, when monthly, quarterly, or yearly reports are due, or during holiday season.

An Associate’s Degree in Accounting salary on average is between $30,000 and $40,000. An Associate’s Degree in Accounting is a promising step toward a satisfying career for a numbers and math-oriented individual.

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