Earning a four-year accounting degree is one of the most lucrative degrees you can obtain for your financial future. Of course, exactly how much you will make will be dependent upon how much time you have spent working in the business field as well as the specific job you are doing.


There are a wide range of jobs available to someone with an accounting degree and not all of them are specifically related to the job of accounting. Another factor to consider is becoming a certified public account. This adds more money to your annual income. Starting your own successful business related to your accounting degree can be lucrative as well.

Average salary for those with a four year accounting degree

According to the United States Department of Labor, the median salary for accountants in 2010 was $61,690. This is a healthy amount of money and includes all of the areas those with an accounting degree work in.

Starting salary for graduates

An average salary is good information to have, but exactly how much money a person can expect to receive their first year out of college is important as well. It is here that the accounting degree can help the first time accountant by earning an average of average of $50,500. This is well above the average of $41,701 for all four year degrees. This number is among the top three first year salaries for college graduates.

Areas of work available to those with an accounting degree

Accountants can be found in both the private and government sectors. One area that is common to both private and public is with auditing. Simply put, this is the work done to make sure the books are being kept accurately by a business. This is important so investors will have good information to use in their analysis. It also protects a company from having money stolen from them. Taxes are a specialty area for many accountants, and good accountant can save a business or individual a lot of money every year. Good tax accountants are always in demand.

The future for those earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting

What people are making right now is good information, but it is not as important to someone who has yet to earn their accounting degree. It is the future that counts, and it is here that an accounting degree continues to shine. Based upon data analyzed by the United States Department of Labor, the job growth for accountants should grow at 16 percent through the year 2020. This helps the chances of getting a job out of college as the average growth rate for all occupations is 14 percent.


No one with an accounting degree ever regretted earning one. If you have a head for numbers, this is the degree you should focus on. In fact, if you are interested in business but do not know which direction to take, accounting provides a strong foundation for any area of business study. The entry salary is good as well as the increases in income over time. The future looks bright for those with an accounting degree.