The National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) began in 1969 to address challenges facing minorities in the accounting and finance professions. With input from nine founding members, NABA instituted a program that rapidly grew to national prominence to support minority professionals and innovate career advancement opportunities. These efforts resulted in a major upsurge of African-American participation in accounting and finance sectors. Today, more than 200,000 accounting professionals among people of color, 5,000 of which have CPA certification, provide leadership in vibrant accounting, financial, consulting, information technology and other business-related careers.

Framework of the National Association of Black Accountants


acts as a nonprofit organization designed to bridge economic and opportunity gaps for African-Americans and other minorities by providing resources, educational programs and networking connections to advance finance and accounting careers. These endeavors assist industry workers and students nationwide in over 50 professional chapters and 150 student ones. Members can connect with one another to build mutually beneficial working relationships, participate in mentoring activities, take continuing education classes and sharpen leadership skills that benefit career advancements. Corporate partners and a strong volunteer network add additional layers of support that demonstrate NABA’s philosophy of “Lifting as We Climb.”

NABA’s Mission and Organizational Goals

Shaping the professional future for minorities in accounting, finance and related business professions underlies all of the goals developed and implemented by NABA. The following goals define NASA’s mission:

  • Assisting and encouraging minority students to enter accounting and finance professions
  • Developing and promoting professional skills at all levels of work and learning
  • Representing the interests of minority professionals in the field
  • Promoting public confidence in the professionalism of NABA members and their services
  • Providing opportunities for NABA members to fulfill civic obligations
  • Encouraging cooperative, cordial relationships with all industry professionals
  • Sustaining financial stability and providing appropriate resources to implement programs across local, regional and national levels

Benefits of Professional and Student Memberships in NABA

Being a member of NABA enhances academic and professional pursuits. Professionals gain entry into NABA’s well-regarded Leadership Institute programs with personalized seminars geared towards executives, managers and aspiring leaders. Other aspects of professional membership include access to:

  • Articles written by leaders in the field about trending issues in the profession
  • Social media connections through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • The NABA Online Career Center for job listings and advancement opportunities
  • Discounts for annual convention and EXPO events
  • Networking connections through the annual recruitment EXPO with over 70 participating corporate partners

Student benefits

can enhance academic excellence while building career prospects. Benefits allow students to:

  • Access the NABA Online Career Center
  • Participate in career fairs, expos, professional development seminars or workshops
  • Network with peers and industry professionals at events or via social media
  • Develop leadership skills through chapter, committee and small group involvement
  • Qualify for NABA scholarships
  • Transition to professional NABA membership through the College Pipeline Initiative
  • Enter the Annual Convention Student Case Study competition for recognition and a monetary award
  • Attend regional student conferences to learn interviewing skills, success practices, and career development skills

NABA offers a true support system for professionals and students from minority backgrounds eager to make their marks in accounting and related careers. To access the resources offered by the National Association of Black Accountants, finding a local chapter may be the next step to take.