There are loads of different scholarships available for accounting degrees, and knowing where to locate these scholarship opportunities can help you get your hands on free money. Unlike federal loans and private loans, the money you receive when you receive a scholarship does not have to be repaid. This helps you reduce or eliminate the debt that you incur while you are in school trying to earn your accounting degree. There are several different scholarship sponsors, both private and corporate, that are dedicated to helping accounting students complete degree programs. Here are some of the most popular scholarships for accounting students, and platforms where you can find accounting scholarships.

Scholarships Available Through the AICPA

The American Institute of CPAs

, which is membership agency group and networking body for CPAs, offers scholarship opportunities to outstanding accounting students each year. The AICPA Accountemps Student Scholarship is awarded to qualified accounting students (up to 10 per year) who are interested in becoming CPA’s in the future. The non-renewable awards total $2500 each for a single year, and will be issued to the school where the students are attending.

Scholarships For Women In Management Accounting

There are many gender-specific scholarships available, and some of these are for Women in Accounting. The Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting offers many awards to empower women who are earning undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees. Awards total between $1000 and $5000 and are needs and merit based. For a long list of the scholarships available, visit the foundation’s website directly.

The National Society of Accountants

The National Society of Accountants is dedicated to career development in the field of accounting, and because of this, the foundation offers many scholarships to dedicated students. If you are looking for financial assistance for your education, you may qualify for the NSA’s educational grant program that is funded by voluntary contributions. To apply, you must be enrolled in an accredited degree program are demonstrate scholastic achievement as well as financial need. More than $32,700 was granted in 2013 alone to 39 undergraduate students majoring in accounting.

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Where to Find Accounting Scholarships

Now that you have list of national scholarships for accounting students, it is important to do your own research to find more opportunities. Believe it or not, there are school specific and national opportunities that are not widely advertised. It is best to start your search at your school by visiting the Department of Student Affairs to find out about upcoming application deadlines. Once you do this, you can visit foundation and association websites in the field of accounting. The last step would be to visit a large database to perform a scholarship search where you can narrow your results to include only opportunities within the field of accounting.

If you are committed to pursuing a career in the field of Accounting, it is important to consider how you will fund your efforts to earn a degree before you enroll in school. Be sure to start by looking for school specific awards, which have much less competition than other national awards. After you do this, you can increase your chances by applying for other scholarships through professional organizations like the AICPA, the ASWA and the NSA. With information on the scholarships available for accounting degrees, you can get to work.