Are you considering entering the field of accounting? Accountants play an integral role in both the private and the public sectors, and can earn a sizable income when they have the right qualifications and experience. If you are currently an accountant, or you are planning on entering the expanding field, you will at some ask whether or not earning your CPA is the right path to take. A CPA, which is short for Certified Public Accountant, is a designation that professionals in accounting pursue to show that they are experts in accounting and possess a skill set that is needed to excel in the field. This designation is a professional achievement that can take you places and translate into promotions and new job opportunities that pay very well. Here is your guide to understanding why you should become a CPA for professional growth.

CPAs Are Highly Respect in the Field Because They Have Shown Commitment

Accountants may have a degree, but a CPA stands out from the crowd because they have demonstrated a technical and academic expertise that degree holders who are not CPAs have not. CPAs are highly respected because they have been tested to show that they can be a trusted voice in accounting, business settings, and consulting. They possess the technical aptitude, are committed to their career, and know all of the ethical responsibilities that come with being an accountant.

The Respect the CPAs Get Translates into Higher Pay

When you sit down and decide on the career path you are going to take, you more than likely consider the potential salary that you could earn. If you cannot make enough to live comfortably and support your lifestyle, you are not going to pursue that career. You have to love what you do, but you also need to earn enough money to stay happy doing what you love doing. Passing the CPA exam opens you up to higher paying job opportunities. If your motivation is money related, you will be motivated by the fact that CPAs earn higher salaries than accounting professionals who are not certified. In fact, statistics show that CPAs will earn about 10% more than non-certified counterparts, with an average salary of $110,000 per year.

CPAs Work in All Facets of the Field

You might picture accounting as crunching numbers all day long, but that is not the case. Accounting is a multi-faceted field where professionals with a CPA can do anything from consulting and tax advising to auditing and IT. Consider where your strengths lie and then map out the path that you can take to use your CPA while playing on your strengths. When you possess a certification, you will have greater opportunities in each sector.

Are you looking for a position where you will enjoy job security and more opportunities for growth? If you want to take your career to the next level, earning your CPA could be the best route to go. You will get the respect you need by passing your CPA exam, and turn this respect into a high-paying career that will make you feel fulfilled and successful.