How to Stand Out in the Workplace

In many accounting offices, there are many people doing a similar job with few opportunities to stand out. However, there are ways to make yourself known to those that have the power to promote or give pay raises. And you don’t even need to invite your boss to dinner.

  1. Engage with Others

While getting your work done may seem priority, especially if there is plenty of it, engaging with your colleagues is an important part of showing yourself to others. While it may seem that your work should be the only thing that people care about, if your colleagues do not get to know you, they may not entrust a promotion to you, no matter how much excellent work you put out.

  1. Become an Expert

In most departments, there is a tool, procedure, or tedious task that no one seems to have bothered with. Whatever this is, it can be your opportunity to stand out among others. The accounting information system, for example, is rarely used to its potential. Some features are unused either because it was not necessary at the time of its installation or it is a feature upgrade that no one bothered to learn about. Becoming the expert in the accounting system will not only bring people your desk for assistance, it might also present an opportunity to use one of these underutilized features to improve your department. Similarly, tasks no one else enjoys could be an opportunity to stand out. If all staff accountants are responsible for collections of past due accounts, and they dislike making awkward phone calls, you could have an immediate opportunity to improve the numbers by offering to take on this task for the entire department. You will also earn the appreciation of your colleagues.


  1. Act professionally

In all jobs, personalities collide. Other factors that may affect your professionalism include burnout and feeling underappreciated. When you set the example with both coworkers and superiors, they will eventually, if not immediately, follow. Even when someone is showing frustration, your reaction is important. If you can discuss the issue without your own emotional outburst, your calm demeanor with be contagious. In addition, showing respect to others, such as not checking your smart phone while having a conversation and keeping a neat desk gives the impression of a person how is in control of their work, and will lead to confidence in your abilities. In the workplace, actions, speak much louder than words.


Every workplace has its own personality. Your ability to stand out depends on your ability to show how you can work and behave within, and despite that corporate culture. By becoming a go-to for many things including professional demeanor, you can stand out in your career.


About Sara Huter

Sara Huter has over 15 years experience in the banking and energy industries, and over 10 years as an adjunct professor. Her work has been published for, the International Directory of Company Histories, the Encyclopedia of Business Insights: Global,, and Find out more about Sara at her Google+ Profile.