The accredited accounting degree programs in New York support the thriving financial hub by providing a bevy of business professionals who are skilled in accounting and finance.

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Since New York’s financial district is an international center, accounting degree programs that include courses on the global economy and experiential learning opportunities abroad are attractive options to those studying locally. In addition to a global perspective, great accounting degree programs include comprehensive curricula that help to prepare aspiring accountants for industry licensing examinations and to solve issues prevalent within the sector. To see more accredited accounting degree programs in New York, visit Accounting Degree Programs in New York (L-R) and Accounting Degree Programs in New York (S-Z).

Adelphi University

Robert B. Willumstad School of Business

Adelphi University’s Robert B. Willumstad School of Business combines a small community atmosphere with big city features that make it stand out from other business schools in the nation. It boasts accomplished faculty members who have extensive experience in specialty accounting areas and who have used their talents as business owners and executives at major corporations. The school’s relatively small class sizes of 17 to one allow students to take full advantage of the experienced staff and updated program curricula. Students who are enrolled in the school’s undergraduate, graduate, certificate and joint academic programs also benefit from a broad range of experiential learning opportunities.

B.B.A. in Accounting

Adelphi University’s Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Accounting is a 125 credit hour program that helps to fully prepare students to enter accounting professions in the public and private sectors. While 39 credit hours are designated for general education requirements and liberal arts electives, the remaining credit hours cover broad accounting topics within the areas of financial and managerial accounting. The school’s faculty and instructors are experienced in both areas of accounting and are able to guide students academically so that they can establish smart career goals and reach them efficiently. Some of the accounting class topics within this program include accounting principles, tax accounting, auditing and cost accounting. General education courses and recommended electives include topics like pre-calculus, public speaking and international business.


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Garden City, NY 11530
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Alfred University

College of Business

Alfred University’s College of Business administers both undergraduate and graduate business degree programs that combine traditional theory with the latest marketplace trends. One trend that they have successfully incorporated into their program curricula is experiential learning. Students enrolled in Alfred’s business programs often have the opportunity to experience the joy and challenges of owning and operating a small business. Experience is well noted as a great teacher, and the student operated businesses led by experienced faculty give aspiring business professionals an unprecedented edge over their peers who simply learn through theoretical classroom lectures.

Bachelor of Science Accounting

Alfred University’s Bachelor of Science (B.S.) accounting degree program focuses on preparing students for entrance into all types of accounting careers, and many of its graduates are placed with well-known accounting and professional services firms. A reason for these graduates’ popularity with companies like KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers seems to be the preparation that they get from Alfred’s distinctive curriculum. Students can expect to study accounting course topics like financial accounting, auditing theory and practice, cost accounting and commercial regulations as well as general studies and elective topics. Instructors combine lectures with interactive projects, conferences and special events with business leaders and licensed accountants. Because the real world business environment has become more complex and global, Alfred University’s students can put accounting theory and principles into practice within actual businesses overseas through short-term study tours and more conventional study abroad options.


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1 Saxon Drive
Alfred, NY 14802
City, state, zip
(607) 871-2115

Baruch College-The City University of New York

The Zicklin School of Business

The Zicklin School of Business has a business degree program for nearly every student no matter where they are on their academic journey. The college in the bustling New York City metropolitan area has business degree programs at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels. The school’s undergraduate major offerings reflect traditional subjects and current trends in the marketplace. For example, students can major in accounting, finance or economics at the Zicklin School as well as subjects like real estate development, real estate investment and statistical modeling. Also, some dual graduate degree programs at Zicklin combine the business discipline with health care management and law.

BBA in Accounting

The undergraduate degree program in accounting offered by Zicklin features a traditional and comprehensive curriculum that develops accountants who are ready to meet business challenges in private and public accounting settings. Required general study courses for the degree are both science and liberal arts based. The program also consists of a generous number of business courses from the main areas of study like information systems, management, marketing and economics. The concentration course topics relate to accounting and finance subjects like financial accounting, investment analysis, principles of auditing and quantitative methods for accountants. The lectures are taught within an environment that uses state of the art tools and platforms to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom. For instance, students who take finance related courses on investment analysis may practice their skills on the realistic, simulated Wasserman Trading Floor in the Subotnick Financial Services Center.


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One Bernard Baruch Way
New York, NY 10010
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Binghamton University, The State University of New York

School of Management

Binghamton University’s School of Management provides students with competitive degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate school levels. The school attracts bright students, accomplished instructors and well-known industry partners. The administered programs are career focused, and the rate of hire for newly minted school of management students is well above the national average. Many graduates take advantage of the school’s career center to gain positions within Big Four accounting firms. Also, the curricula is further enhanced by study abroad options, internships and student organizations which give these future business leaders unique, global work experiences and leadership opportunities.

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The B.S. in Accounting at Binghamton University is a 130 credit hour program designed to provide students with the solid business management and accounting knowledge needed for success in the job market and on the certified public accounting (CPA) exam. The curriculum is divided into the required general studies classes, foundational business management topics and those dedicated to specific accounting related training. Students can expect to take general course topics like computer systems, economics and calculus. Some business management coursework topics included in the program are international business, organizational behavior and microeconomics. The program’s specialized accounting classes include financial accounting, cost accounting, auditing and taxation. The school’s accounting program has proven successful, and many of its graduates find employment in public accounting careers more so than ones in private corporate accounting.


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4400 Vestal Parkway East
Binghamton, NY 13902
(607) 777-2000

Canisius College

Richard J. Wehle School of Business

The Richard J. Wehle School of Business at Canisius College uses distinct learning goals to guide its business degree program curricula at the undergraduate and graduate school levels. These goals emphasize the development of knowledge and skills for each business sub-discipline like finance, management, marketing and operations. While participating in the business school’s degree programs, students learn the importance of value creation in business. Development of communication skills and application of ethical frameworks for managerial decision-making are also key objectives of the Richard J. Wehle business school. Adherence to these learning goals is one reason that the school is highly ranked for its nine undergraduate and five graduate school programs.

B.S. in Accounting

One of the programs at Canisius College that contributed to the school’s reputation is its B.S. in Accounting. Students who major in accounting at Canisius experience some of the highest CPA pass rates in the state. Those who may be worried about finding employment after graduation have their fears somewhat alleviated since nearly 90 percent of recent graduates either become employed within four months or return to school as graduate students. To complete their B.S. degree in Accounting, student will take courses in financial, cost and managerial accounting to establish sound accounting principles. After learning these basic accounting theories and principles, students delve into specialized accounting topics like auditing, accounting for non-profit organizations, accounting information systems and tax accounting. Graduates from this program embark upon careers in public and private accounting that range from financial analysts to government auditors.


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2001 Main Street
Buffalo NY 14208
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Fordham University

Gabelli School of Business

Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business is held on two campuses in and around New York City. This affords students opportunities to gain valuable work experience through internships as well as participate in special conference events hosted by business leaders in the global marketplace. The Gabelli School offers students a state of the art environment for an exceptional learning experience designed to take them straight to the top of leading international companies. For instance, Hughes Hall is equipped with a trading floor where students can monitor the markets in real-time for their investment projects, and the building also has recording equipment so that students can watch their classroom lectures if they missed an actual session.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Accounting

Fordham’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.) with a concentration in Accounting is designed to teach students the language of business while giving them a broad-based accounting education that has launched the careers of many business leaders. In order for business leaders to make effective business decisions, they must see the big picture which requires more than just understanding basic business topics. Fordham requires its students to take liberal arts courses in history, philosophy and English to help them hone the critical thinking abilities and the communication skills that are characteristic of modern business leaders. Upon graduation, these students understand business fundamentals, accounting principles and historic cultural and business events that allow them to be socially aware leaders in the global economy.


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Rose Hill Campus Bronx
441 East Fordham Road
Bronx, NY 10458
(718) 817-1000

Hofstra University

Frank G. Zarb School of Business

There is a lot of competition for accredited accounting degree programs in New York, and Hofstra University’s Zarb School of Business meets the challenge with distinctive dual business and accounting AACSB accreditation and a fully equipped trading room that helps students bring their investment analysis assignments to life. The cutting edge facilities at the business school draws alumni and business community leaders to the school to collaborate on various projects. Students benefit from the many business partnerships fostered by the school through participation in valuable internships and conferences led by corporate executives. Strategically positioned alumni and business partners also help with career services and school sponsored job fairs.

Accounting, BBA Major In

Because students’ career goals are different, the undergraduate accounting degree program offered by Hofstra’s Zarb School of Business is customizable for students who want to become licensed accountants and those who want to pursue general accounting careers. All accounting degree candidates at Zarb take courses like financial, managerial and cost accounting. They also study specialized accounting topics like tax accounting, auditing and the regulatory environment surrounding accounting. Students who want to meet the 150 hour New York state public accounting licensing requirement have several options available to them. The first option requires them to take an advanced auditing course, four accounting courses and three accounting electives in addition to the standard 128 semester hour course load. Some other options involve choosing a minor plus an extra accounting course or choosing to take an additional accounting course as part of a double major program. Ambitious students who know that they want to gain an advanced degree in accounting can opt to take the BBA/Master of Science (MS) or the BBA/Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs.


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Weller Hall
134 Hofstra University
Hempstead, New York 11549
(516) 463-5678

Iona College

Hagan School of Business

Iona College’s Hagan School of Business offers undergraduate and graduate business degree programs that help students meet a variety of professional goals. The school’s objectives are to develop socially conscious, competent and ethical business leaders who are adept at problem solving within a global market economy. They do this by providing students with challenging, creative and interactive degree program curricula that take full advantage of the school’s strategic location near a major financial hub. The school’s program include seven undergraduate business administration degree programs, two types MBA programs and four MS programs in trending areas of finance and public accounting.

BBA in Accounting

The Hagan School’s undergraduate accounting degree program prepares students for entry-level positions in both public and private accounting career fields. Their main goal is to make the Hagan School a top choice for those pursuing accounting careers by their focus on the development of critical thinking skills, communication abilities and ethical business practices. The program features course topics like intermediate accounting, cost measurement and analysis and financial accounting. Students are also introduced to the specialty accounting topics like federal income taxation, accounting for government and non-profit agencies and principles and procedures for auditing. Students who want to use the program to reach the 150 hour requirement for CPA licensing are required to take undergraduate courses in business communication and international business in addition to the standard course requirements for the undergraduate accounting degree program.


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85 Beechmont Drive
New Rochelle, NY 10801
(914) 633-2527

Ithaca College

School of Business

Besides its location near the country’s foremost financial center, Ithaca College’s School of Business differentiates itself from the competition by offering its students the opportunity to develop a diverse set of skills that combine technical competency, critical thinking abilities and cultural awareness. These are some of the tools that future business leaders will need to be successful in a dynamic, global marketplace. Ithaca College’s concise set of undergraduate and graduate business degree offerings include accounting, business administration, legal studies and MBA programs.

Accounting/Professional Accountancy (B.S./M.B.A.)

Undergraduate students who aspire to be public accountants take the Accounting/Professional Accountancy degree program that leads to a graduate business degree as well as the 150 hours of required accounting education needed to sit for the CPA licensing exam in New York. This four-year undergraduate plus one year graduate degree program affords students ample time to develop technical accounting skills, foundational business knowledge and a liberal arts based context for strategic planning and decision making. Those enrolled in this program take course topics in auditing, financial accounting and reporting, managerial accounting and income tax accounting. Students also gain valuable work experience and unconventional learning opportunities through internships, participation in student professional organizations and community service activities like the one for volunteer income tax assistance.


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305 Park Center for Business and Sustainable Enterprise
Ithaca College
Ithaca, NY 14850
(607) 274-3940

When business schools are strategically located in key financial centers like New York City, students expect some of the best experiential learning opportunities in the nation. The business and accounting degree programs at the schools described above do not disappoint as they combine fundamental knowledge with realistic market trends and creative curricula. These accredited accounting degree programs in New York produce business leaders who solve enterprise level problems and communicate their ideas effectively.