A Master’s degree in Accounting will take you so much further than the Bachelor’s degree can, so it is a good idea that you are seeking a Master’s degree. Every state needs accountants, so you will be able to live anywhere you want. Later on, you will be able to consider becoming a partner in our own firm or working for the government. The possibilities are endless.

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Internal Auditor

A company hires an internal auditor when it needs someone to give them an objective and independent assessment of how well the company is being run. The main focus is on the internal control structure. The internal auditor has the very important role of helping a company achieve its stated objectives. This is done by examining the company’s risk management system and control. The internal auditor will need to look over the company’s financial reports, compliance with the rules and regulations and their ways of preventing and identifying fraud. They may also give suggestions for how the company can make things run more smoothly.

Compliance Executive

The compliance executive is in charge of overseeing how well the company complies with the company’s reporting regulations and financial policy. The compliance executive makes sure that every department is following the rules by planning and directing company programs, practices and policies. It is also the compliance executive’s job to be aware of any changes to the laws and to help the company follow the new rules.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts must be aware of what is happening in the economy because it is their job to make recommendations to their clients on which products to buy and sell. They explain their reasoning to their clients in written reports. They also consult with people within the company whose expertise is not in the area of finances. They may be called upon to give interviews to explain the economic outlook to the public. Financial analysts may work at financial companies for hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds, securities firms and investment banks.

Forensic Accountant

A forensic accountant’s job is to simplify financial documents so that everyone can understand them. They must analyze these documents and make interpretations for others. They do this by creating computer applications. These applications help them present their findings to the other members of the company. They may also write reports for this purpose as well. They assist the company’s lawyers when they are investigating an issue and may be called upon to testify in court. Some knowledge of the law is necessary.

External Auditor

An external auditor is the person who performs the audit of a company’s records. This particular person is independent and does not work for the company. The reports that external auditors prepare are to be read by the government, a lawyer or the company’s investors. The purpose of the audit is to learn if the company’s statements about the company’s finances are true. They also examine the internal controls that the company put into place to manage risks. On rare occasions, the external auditor may take over some of the responsibilities of the internal auditor.

Accounting is the language of business, so your Master’s degree in accounting will serve you well throughout your career. Accounting makes you highly valuable to a company where there is a tremendous amount of competition. Fortunately, it is a career that is growing, and your services will be needed badly for many years to come. Good luck, and enjoy obtaining your Master’s degree in Accounting.

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