Thinking about a double major with Accounting? It used to be enough to have one major, but these days with competitive job markets and a struggling economy, it’s in your best interest to look at your career plans and find a second major to complement your Accounting coursework.

We’ve found some obvious and not so obvious double majors to pair with Accounting to ensure that your job prospects after graduation are nothing but bright.

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Accounting and Computer Information Systems

Accounting and Computers overlap, so it only makes sense to learn the systems you’ll be working with. The days of strictly bookkeeping are numbered now that we have technology systems that have revolutionized accounting. Instead, prospective accountants should prepare for careers in both industries.

Practically, this double major makes you eligible for careers in both the accounting and IT departments, which will double your job prospects following graduation. Both are lucrative careers as well, ensuring that you won’t spend much time struggling to find work.

Accounting and Psychology

You may be thinking of the traditional psychology areas such as clinical psychology, but this discipline field has major benefit in the business world. Instead, combining an Accounting degree with one in Organizational or Industrial psychology prepares you to work in many facets of a business.

Accounting requires reconciliation of the numbers in running a business, and Organizational Psychology looks at the science of human behavior in the workplace. Taken together, these two things have the potential for innovation in the workplace.

Accounting and Finance

You may not even realize these are two very different majors, but an Accounting and Finance double major fits nicely together. Accounting works with the nuts and bolts of the financial side of business, but Finance examines how financial actions affect the business. Being able to work on both sides opens you up to higher level jobs in the finance departments of companies.

One very practical job application is working as a brokerage clerk. This job requires intimate knowledge of stock market orders and how they affect portfolios, and is currently an in demand job.

Accounting and Forensics

Students aiming for a career in Forensic Accounting usually get a simple bachelor’s in accounting and work their way up from entry level jobs. Learning about forensics early can speed up this process and better equip you enter into graduate level Forensic Accounting, or to be ahead of your peers in the field without a master’s degree at all.

In fact, the course work required to complete a Forensics/Accounting double major often fulfills the extra requirements to be able to sit for the CPA exam. Many forensic accountants were CPAs first, so this will put you on track to finish.

Accounting and Liberal Arts

Although you may be focusing only in the business and finance sector, for some students, it makes sense to focus in an entirely different area. Liberal arts majors require a wide breadth of classes and teach students to question and think critically. This is especially important for students hoping to start their own business or work outside the traditional corporate atmosphere.

Students who choose this Accounting double major can be found working in museums, schools, and non profit organizations where their skills allow them to identify with and understand a wider range of positions.

Double majoring in Accounting and another field is worth the time and effort so that you are best equipped candidate for the job market ahead of you. Just make sure you have a roadmap for your success.