The following is a list of 5 entry level job positions for Master’s in Operations Management graduate that require or prefer a graduate degree. There are many entry level job positions you can get after earning a masters degree in operations management. Having this degree will allow you to start at a higher position in field. An entry level job is a great place to start networking and gaining valuable experience to further your career in the near future. This experience, as well as on the job knowledge that you acquire, will help you to secure higher positions and earn at a higher salary bracket as you progress. Also, you might discover other specialties in this career field that interest you but you didn’t know about otherwise.

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1. Operations Research Analyst

The Bureau of Labour Statistics lists this position as one that favors applicants with a masters degree. These job positions rely on your knowledge of engineering, advanced computer science skills, and analytical skills. You then use this information to develop methods that will improve production and help other professionals in the organization make better decisions. The median annual salary for this position is about $80,000. Over the next 15 years, this job is expected to grow 30% making it one of the most in-demand jobs of 2017.

2. Computer and Information Systems Managers

Professionals use technology devices and advanced software to manage the organization’s or department’s information then apply it to how that organization or department functions and produces. These technology professionals are in demand with a job outlook over the next 15 years of 15% which, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics comma is a much faster than average job growth. Jobs in this field may be interesting for a project manager who enjoys working technology software in the analyzing them organizational benefit and production efficiency.

3. Facilities Operations Manager

Employers prefer to hire applicants with advanced skills for this entry level job for masters degree graduates. This professional is responsible for designing the physical work space and facility to optimize production. You will like this position if you are a naturally creative person and have a graduate degree in operations management with distinct leadership skills. Many of the job openings list supervision as a basic job duty. This means that you will design, implement, maintain, and enforce safety procedures to make your overall facility function better.

4. Quality Assurance Manager

Operations managers are responsible for ensuring that their organization functions optimally. A major area of this career involves ensuring that the products the organization produces meet certain quality standards. The quality assurance manager must use existing and new information, can even be feedback from customers, to improve the quality of the products themselves.

5. Associate Consultant

As an associate consultant you will help businesses come up with effective solutions to improve their production. You may be expected to have a few years of experience working as an operations manager as well as a masters degree in the field. You can work on an independently commissioned basis or as part of an organization. This job position is focused on improving the product and/or service of the organization and involves coordinating with executives in the organization.

These job positions focus on entry level positions that involve coordinating with other professionals in the organization to help them do their jobs more efficiently. When applying for an entry level job as a Master’s in Operation Management graduate, remember that you can still apply for positions that initially ask for a bachelors degree because many employers prefer someone with a graduate degree to fill these vacancies.