Those that are looking for an internship in supply chain management (SCM) will likely find that businesses need talented individuals to fill immediate positions. The field of supply chain management is expected to grow faster than average over the next few decades. Existing businesses with strong supply lines are always looking for talented employees that can save the company money.

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Here are five industries in which to secure a supply chain management internship.


Construction appears to be where the very idea of supply chain management originates. All products are ultimately sourced from raw materials. Supply chain management jobs in construction pay some of the highest salaries. A supply chain manager for Caterpillar earns about $130,000 annually. SCM has an effect on virtually every aspect of the construction industry. The sourcing of raw materials in the construction industry is of vital importance. SCM professionals will also need to work on finding creative ways to transport tools and construction vehicles. Those that get internships in construction will likely find that the industry loves to promote from within.

Retail Services

Supply chain managers in retail usually end up right near the top of the career ladder. A supply chain manager at Target earns about $67,000 a year. Those working in the retail areas of supply chain usually make a little less money, but their job is much easier. This is because the logistics of retail are much simpler to figure out. Retail supply chain managers are usually dealing with the transportation of finished goods. It should also be relatively easy to get a retail internship.

Hospital Supply Chains

Most people don’t think of hospitals as requiring SCM services. Supply chain management in the medical field is extremely important. This is because you may be managing a shipment of human hearts needed for transplant surgery. Hospital jobs can be hard to get into because you need to know a significant bit of information about the medical industry. Many supply chain professionals that work in hospitals were promoted from lower level positions. An internship opportunity is still possible for those that have good grades. These jobs usually pay well over $80,000 per year.

Food Industry SCM

Even grocery stores like Publix have their own supply chains. Individual brands like Kellogg’s also have supply chains. Supply chain managers for the food industry need to carefully plan their routes. This is because food has a very limited shelf life. It’s also something that ships out in huge quantities. A food industry internship will likely give an aspiring SCM professional a real taste of what the job feels like.

Hardware and Software Companies

Supply chain managers in the computer business need to have a strong grasp of the industry. This is because technology for computers changes at a rapid pace. Supply chain managers in the computer industry are highly paid because their job is volatile. A single mistake in the computer industry can cost a company millions of dollars in damages. Supply chain managers that deal in hardware must be:

  • Efficient
  • Detail oriented
  • Good communicators
  • Skilled at networking
  • Great at negotiation

The whole reason SCM exists is because companies are looking to increase quality without reducing costs. An intern that can prove he can save a company significant amounts of money is almost guaranteed a full time position. A recent Forbes article claims that 2017 is the year that SCM protocols rapidly change. This will likely open up huge opportunities for those that have entrepreneurial ideas. Many colleges that offer SCM degrees include internship options. This ensures that each successful student finds the job that they are looking for.