When people think about accountants and accounting, they do not usually think about IT technical careers, but 5 of the top IT careers in the accounting field will provide you with a stable and enjoyable life. However, just like most fields, there are a number of excellent choices for people to choose from that are interested in both IT and accounting. It no longer has to be either or, and therefore, you will no longer have to choose if you want to work as an IT or in the accounting field. It is always an excellent idea to do research on these types of jobs before making up your mind on the type of job will best suit your wants and desires in a career.

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Accounting Software Developer

Although software companies have a number of information technicians working for them, they all are in need of an accounting software developer. These developers can be hired with a Bachelor’s degree all the way up to a Ph.D., but the majority of developers in the field have at least their Master’s degree. These particular accountants are used by software companies to assist and support the managers and developers, as needed. However, they are often asked to step out of their accounting role to help the company focus on different types of software for finance and accounting. Their expertise as an accountant and an information technician comes in handy, especially when assisting in creating software programs that need user experience design. Depending on the level of education and experience you have, the average salary for an accounting software developer runs around $89,000 a year.

Information Technology Accountants

This is easily one of the most needed IT careers in the accounting field, especially in this list of 5 IT careers based in the accounting field. For anyone that honestly could not choose between a career as an accountant and an information technician, this was definitely the best pick for you. Unlike in other careers, an information technology accountant has to have skills not only in accounting but also computer systems. These types of accountants are extremely important in the business world, because they are generally the ones who run an organization’s information system, and they are also expected to be able to maintain it for the organization’s accounting department. Generally, this type of accountant has to have at least a Master’s degree, at least to work with most organizations, but the education time is well worth it. This type of accountant generally earns a salary of around $103,000, but this is still based on their education and experience levels.


Some might wonder why an auditor would be included as one of the 5 IT careers in the accounting field, and there is a simple explanation for this. Auditors are responsible for assessing the accuracy of an organization’s financial records and statements. This means, that they will need to often times go into an organization’s system to retrieve the data needed to make sure that it has not been tampered with. Having the IT career background as an auditor will only help to assist in gaining better positions. The average salary for an auditor is generally around $51,000 a year, but it is possible to find companies offering close to $92,000, especially for an auditor with an IT background.

Forensic Accountant

A forensic accountant is the perfect example of an IT career within the accounting field. Although this position is an actual accountant, forensic accountants have known their way around the IT systems of various organizations in order to do their job. They are required to comb through an organization’s entire database using investigative techniques that most other types of accounts never really have a need for. Therefore, they need to know the information technology side to be able to find what they need for their clients to assist them from falling victim of a fraud case. On average, a forensic accountant will make around $73,000 a year, depending on experience and education levels.

Risk and Compliance Professionals

These professionals have to work with and organize a number of different policies and programs in order to make sure that their company is in compliance with any and all law requirements for their industry. This is best served by an IT accountant because they will be able to assist and find different things in their company’s systems that a regular accountant wouldn’t be able to see. These professionals are also expected to report and work with the top management of their company, usually, and they generally start out making around $73,000 a year, based on their education and experience level.

Overall, you are not required to choose between a career as an accountant or an IT technician. There are a number of jobs that involve aspects of both of these careers that will allow you to do what you love. It merely takes time and research to figure out which job is right for you. These jobs also come at various different education levels. Therefore, you can choose a career also based on the amount of education you wish to take.