While many graduates work in typical, entry-level positions, unusual career choices are available for accounting professionals. From fighting crime to learning more about the environment, these careers offer rewarding ways to put their skills to work. To get started, an individual must receive a bachelor’s degree or higher in the field. Afterward, they may need to go through a state certification process before they can be hired in one of these sectors.

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1. Sports Accountants

This unusual job for accounting graduates offers a way to enjoy the sports industry without actually having to play sports. Like every business, sports teams require accountants to handle financial transactions and payroll. Since there are many accountants who are also sports fans, this field can be extremely competitive. Getting a master’s degree in business administration can help applicants gain an edge against the competition.

2. Entertainment Accountants

Each movie requires hundreds or thousands of supporting employees to be produced. An entertainment accountant works for a television or movie production company. During the day, their job is to oversee production budgets, payroll and other financial details. Other than the movie industry, accountants can also work in the gaming or music sectors. To succeed in this field, accountants should have a strong background in copyright law and royalties.

3. Forensic Accountants

If you want to fight crime, working as a forensic accountant is the best career move. Since most police officers are not accountants, they have to hire accountants to research fraud, financial disputes, embezzlement and money laundering. While the field is competitive, it is often highly paid and rewarding. To be hired, accountants should seek out a master’s degree to give them an extra edge on the competition.

4. Environmental Accountants

This new field was created as a part of the drive toward becoming greener. Businesses want to be more environmentally friendly, and environmental accountants support this goal. They help to improve the profitability of the company while making sure that it complies with energy or environmental standards. These jobs are typically found at large corporations or in the government sector. While this field is just starting to take off, the current eco-friendly trend makes it likely to grow in the coming years.

5. Software Development for Accountants

There are two general ways that accountants can be hired in this field. The most obvious way is to support a software company’s management team. In this role, accountants help track time, bill clients and license audits. The other way to work in this field is in the actual creation of software programs. Families and businesses need financial software that helps them track profitability, report their taxes and perform financial tasks. As a result, many software firms hire accountants to provide insight into the current laws and industry standards for this field.

From catching embezzlement suspects to creating the latest software program, there are many options available for accountants. While the stereotypical positions are available, an unusual career in accounting can be readily found in many different sectors.