Accreditation accounting degree programs in Vermont offer students the option of taking undergraduate courses or completing a graduate program that qualifies them to sit for the state’s certified public accountant exam.

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Some schools even offer a 4 + 1 program designed for students who want to enroll in a graduate program right after finishing their undergraduate studies. These programs let them finish all the requirements of both programs in just five years instead of six years. Even if you already finished an undergraduate program and spent a year or work working in finance or accounting, you can still go back to school and finish a graduate degree.

University of Vermont

School of Business Administration

The University of Vermont and State Agricultural College is the official name given to the campus better known as the University of Vermont. This campus was the result of a merger between a new college founded in 1791 and an agricultural school founded in 1864. U.S. News & World Report ranked the university as the nation’s 37th best public college and the 89th best school among all public and private colleges. UVM also ranks on lists put out by Forbes, Washington Monthly and ARWU. ARWU included UVM on its list of global schools, and it also received a global ranking from QS.

Master of Accountancy

The Grossman School of Business and the School of Business Administration at the University of Vermont created the Master of Accountancy program for accountants interested in working in the state. This program has a higher passing rate among CPA test takers than hundreds of other colleges in the country, and more than 83% of all its students who take that exam pass on their first attempt. The university owes that high rate to the help that its instructors provide students. Students learn how to respond to the questions on that test and get some test prep while still in school. The university only accepts 35 students into the program each year and only those with an undergraduate degree, which makes it one of the most selective of the accredited accounting degree programs in Vermont. The 10 courses that you take include classes on CPA laws, internal auditing and business taxation.


  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)


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Before you can become a CPA in Vermont, you must finish at least five years of college. Going to graduate school lets you fulfill that requirement and get an advanced degree that might help you make more on the job. No matter where you are in your education, you can enroll in one of the accredited accounting degree programs in Vermont.