Accredited online accounting degree programs in Arizona are open to both local residents and those living in other states. As an online student, you can gain access to all the resources available to students and even find out about alumni living and working in your win city or state. Unlike a straight finance program that might focus on international business and topics that do not relate to your career, these programs include numerous accounting courses that will better prepare you for sitting for professional exams. Looking at all of the options open to you is a great way to find out about these schools and to find the best program.

Arizona State University

W.P. Carey School of Business

Arizona State University opened in the 1880s as the Territorial Normal School. Students earned a diploma or certificate and went to work as teachers across the territories spring up in the west. It continued functioning as a normal or teaching school for more than 50 years and later operated as both a state teaching college and a full university. Though ASU has a strong reputation as a party college, it also ranks highly for its education programs. ARWU and Washington Monthly ranked ASU among the top 100 American schools. Those two organizations and others also ranked the university as one of the world’s best.

MBA in Managerial Accounting

When designing its Online MBA program. ASU created nine concentrations that students can choose from, including statistics for managers and marketing management. One of the best accredited online accounting degree programs in Arizona is its Managerial Accounting MBA, which students can complete online. This unique program requires that you take one course during each five-week semester. During the last week of each semester, you’ll take a final exam that tests you on the knowledge you gained in that class. Some classes end with a final project that you based on one of the subjects you covered in class. In addition to general accounting classes, you’ll also take courses on organization theory, managerial economics and operations and supply management. Though many students start in August, which is the beginning of the fall semester, Arizona State University also allows MBA students to start in the winter semester, which begins in January.


  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)


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Completing an accounting degree program is the best way to meet all the steps required for sitting for the CPA exam in your state. Even if you complete your degree online, you still qualify for this exam and other similar tests. Find the best option for you with a look at the accredited online accounting degree programs in Arizona.

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