Accounting in an essential aspect of majority of businesses and organizations, and there are high quality accredited online accounting degree programs in Arkansas. Accounting professionals examine financial records, complete budgets, prepare taxes, and make sure records are accurate for a variety of entities. These professionals are in high demand in nearly all sectors of today’s marketplace. Arkansas is home to an array of accounting firms, including Ernst and Young, Deloitte and Touche, and Thomas and Thomas. Many colleges and universities offer high quality accounting programs to prepare students for careers in accounting related positions.

Henderson State University

School of Business

The School of Business at Henderson State University is dedicated to providing students with solid education and know-how to lead meaningful and successful lives. The programs concentrate on diversity, cultural issues, and ethical values. The school is committed to small class sizes to provide students with various opportunities to interact with faculty and gain personalized attention. It also provides students with a number of opportunities to attain real-life experience and apply classroom principles to actual situations in the business world. Graduates are prepared for a variety of careers in business management, accounting, banking, finance, and other related areas.

MBA in Accounting

The MBA program at Henderson State University prepares individuals to pursue executive management and leadership positions in business, healthcare, government, and other related fields. The program requires 30 credit hours to complete and includes general business courses that provide students with a fundamental knowledge of business principles. The courses focus on accounting, management, economics, marketing, strategy, finance, leadership, and information systems. The curriculum requires eight core course and two elective courses. Examples of core courses include accounting for business and finance management, strategic information systems, managerial finance, marketing seminar, organizational strategy, trends in management, economic analysis, and public sector economics. Students also work with advisors to select the electives that meet their interests and prepare them for future careers. Examples of elective courses include non-profit accounting, non-profit management, public policy, public budgeting and finance, and research methods. The program does not require a thesis. The course schedule is very flexible to enable students to complete courses either full-time or part-time. The program can start in the fall, spring, or summer semesters and students can take courses during the day, afternoon, or evening. Courses are offered on campus and online. Students who are enrolled full-time can complete the program in one calendar year and two years for those taking classes on a part-time basis.


  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)


Henderson State University

School of Business

1100 Henderson Street

Arkadelphia, AR 71999


Accounting is a vast field that impacts an array of businesses and organizations of all sizes. Accounting degree programs provide individuals with a solid background of various concepts in the field, such as budgets and taxes. Selected accredited online accounting degree programs in Arkansas is an ideal choice for those wanting to pursue various positions in accounting related areas.

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