Spring Break for Online Accounting Students

What Spring Break, you may ask? Online students may get a week off from assignment deadlines and class discussion requirements, but the same reasons you pursue an online degree is probably the same reason you’re not on a Florida beach right now, guzzling the contents of a Solo cup. Instead, you may be sleeping in or catching up on your textbook reading. However, just because you’re not traveling to a beach or ski slope doesn’t mean your Spring Break shouldn’t contain some fun. Below, find some fun ideas for your Spring Break.

Got Kids?

If you’ve got kids, take some time from your hectic schedule to spend some time with them. It’s just too easy to let them fall into the habit of playing video games endlessly while you holler at them to “take out the trash” or “make you bed!” Instead, plan a special dinner. You’ve got to eat dinner anyway. Take advantage of the warming weather to stop at the local sub shop for some take-out sandwiches and have dinner at the park. Watch a local ball game or practice, or maybe take your own Frisbee, or football to enjoy each other’s company for a few hours.

Book a “Me” Day

Take some time for yourself for at least one day. Whether your into “spa days” or a solid workout at the gym, make it something special just for you. Go for a jog or read a book from cover to cover. Sun yourself on the patio while enjoying an adult beverage (in a Solo cup if you prefer). Whatever you choose, try to do something that will help you recharge your batteries (read: not catching up on chores, unless yard work or grocery shopping is therapeutic to you).

Earn Extra Money

Spring Break may offer a great opportunity to earn some pocket money. Before you point at the screen with your thumbs down and yell, “Booooo” consider this: Remember the reason you are pursuing this online degree. Chances are, you’re hoping for a higher quality of life standard. Maybe you want to get out of debt. Why not give yourself a taste of those goals right now? A week delivering pizzas or spending some overtime at work could earn a good chunk that might be spent toward your dream, now not years from now when you graduate and find a job.

Spring Break is a great chance for online students to step back and remember why they are working so hard toward their degree. Whether you choose to spend money, earn money, or sleep an extra hour at night, be sure to use it to recharge your batteries and reinforce your internal drive to continue the long trek toward your dream.

About Sara Huter

Sara Huter has over 15 years experience in the banking and energy industries, and over 10 years as an adjunct professor. Her work has been published for BusinessBee.com, the International Directory of Company Histories, the Encyclopedia of Business Insights: Global, EHow.com, and Examiner.com. Find out more about Sara at her Google+ Profile.