Work-From-Home Accounting Opportunities

If your ideal job after graduating is one where you don’t have to leave home, you’ve chosen the right major. Job opportunities for work-at-home accountants are abundant. In some cases, travel is required while may require evening or weekend work. Below are different types of jobs and examples of employers for work at home jobs for accountants.

Help Desk

Accounting companies often hire CPAs to assist callers with their tax preparation questions. If you are not a CPA, consider providing online assistance with bookkeeping over a web-based plat form.  To learn more about these positions, visit company websites such as Intuit. Also, it’s always a good idea to consult with the career center at your college to learn which companies with work-at-home opportunities are looking for graduates from your institution.

Tax Preparation

Some large companies hire accountants on a temporary basis for tax preparation from your home.  Tax preparers may perform this service for corporate entities, small businesses, or individuals. Consider a company like TaxACT. In addition, consider becoming a freelancer by taking on temporary jobs. Check out Elance or oDesk for more information.

Financial Statement Preparation

Private companies large and small need a set of audited financial statements to present to potential investors and vendors. Business owners often lack the skills necessary for this task. Therefore, preparing financial statements in accordance with GAAP and/or IFRS is a sought-after skill. While there are companies that hire people for this function, many companies outsource this function. Check out companies such as or

Data Entry and Book Balancing

Companies hire data entry professionals to enter transactions in a double-entry bookkeeping system. This is a good job for those that have not yet earned a degree, and will look good on a resume, particularly for students that do not have an internship under their belt. These jobs are clerical jobs and you can expect to perform additional duties such as setting appointments and general sales and administrative duties. For opportunities such as this, consider a company called BalanceYourBooks.

Going It On Your Own

If you’re ready to take the leap, consider starting your own business. Accounting services are a necessary service and can result in a lucrative home business. Starting your own business requires diligence, start-up capital, and stamina. In addition, if you want to work from your home, you will need a dedicated office with an entryway for clients. There are many other considerations, and you can find additional help at the AICPA.

Whether you want to make a supplemental income or make a career out of it, accountants are particularly positioned to take advantage of the work-from-home trend. Financial services are necessary and in demand particularly for start-up businesses. This is not a service that requires physical presence, although frequent client contact is a good business habit. If you are particularly interested in starting your own business, consider good idea to start with one of the opportunities above to supplement your income while you get up and running.

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